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How terribly fun

Her film was not meant to be “a demonstration of anything”, but its title and synopsis alone – the story of transsexual women moving from Palestine to Tel Aviv to live out their new identities – risked being read as a political statement on the current conflict.

In Israel, gay marriage can be registered but only if it is performed abroad, and male-to-female sex reassignment surgery is carried out in public hospitals, while in the Palestinian territories homosexuality remains a taboo.

Of course, it rather is a demonstration of something, isn’t it?

10 thoughts on “How terribly fun”

  1. Yes, but it doesn’t flow with current fashion, so it’s evil. Last year it was the other way round but the top trumps have moved on to become more progressive. Well, in the new fashion…

  2. Person in Pictland

    Are we against misogyny, bruvvers? “Yes”

    Are we against capital punishment, bruvvers? “Yes”

    Are we against murdering poofs, bruvvers? “Yes”

    Are we against terrorist outrages, bruvvers? “Oh well, hang on a minute, it’s nuanced, it depends on context, …”

  3. Taboo
    Something you will be beaten or executed for.
    “Homosexuality in Gaza is taboo”
    “Being openly Jewish in Gaza is taboo”
    “Women wearing Western dress is taboo in Gaza”

  4. I thought that those chaps in Gaza were really nice to the gayers… They even go so far as to give them free flying lessons.

  5. If you’re a gay bloke in Iran, and don’t want to risk the free flying lessons, I understand you can have your bits lopped off and it then becomes halal (or summat).

  6. The word “women” appears in the article 10 times, in each case to describe homosexual men.

    Weird. I preferred women when they didn’t have penises.

  7. The local Ahmadiyya mosque held an open day today.
    Quick google to see if worth attending, and find this:
    The only country in the Middle East that permits the Ahmadiyya to practice openly without persecution or discrimination is . . . . you guessed it, Israel. Or Ely if you prefer one of the many nicknames for the place.

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