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The suddenness of the transition from a country that was almost entirely monocultural and white to one in which 20% of the population was born abroad created an obvious space for pushback.

Umm, yes, that is quite the change, isn’t it?

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  1. After the expansion of the EU in the mid naughties, a large number of Polish came to ireland. In the most they worked hard and there was no major complaints.

    For the last 10 years, a large number of Indians came to ireland. Again, in most cases they worked hard and there were no major complaints.

    The complaints started when huge numbers of asylum seekers/ economic migrants flooded the country, taking up social housing, getting benefits, and other state largesse.

  2. @Gunker: Wow, you mean immigrants aren’t a totally homogeneous block, there’s quality to consider and not just quantity?

    This is going to come as a shock to the Guardian.

  3. “The suddenness of the transition from a country that was once almost entirely bi-cultural with both sides so unable to exist alongside each other that it ended in a real two-state solution

    Let’s remember who we’re talking about here.

  4. 20%. God have mercy.

    I’m hoping the fighting Irish make such an almighty blood and fire festival of this that our rulers sit up and take notice.

  5. Ireland took in about 100,000 Ukrainians after the 2022 Russian invasion – to zero public outcry.

    Has she thought that perhaps European Christians, despite the claims of the Blank-Slaters, aren’t the same as Africans and Asians?

  6. About 1,800 people seeking asylum are homeless in Ireland.

    Deport them, and execute the politicians.

  7. @Jonathon
    Ireland took in about 100,000 Ukrainians after the 2022 Russian invasion – to zero public outcry.

    In the first few months or so that may have been the case. But after it sunk in that :
    1. Ukrainians looked rather melanin enriched *
    2. Ukrainians got (and if they arrived before April this year, still get) 800 Eur p.m. rental allowance which is tax exempt for the landlord.
    3. Ukrainian vehicles were allowed in our roads uninsured and unregistered

    People started to cop on and complain. Perhaps not in the leafy suburbs of south dublin or the Montrose bubble most of the media exist in.

    *I remember an article on 6 families that had fled war, death, starvation, Vlad the impaler, in Ukraine to ireland. 2 of the 6 families were black african. Foreign students studying in Ukraine who got caught up in the war, we were told. Why they couldn’t return to their home countries wasn’t explained. And eventually the media realised they needed to be airbrushed out of the narrative.

  8. I forgot to add the vast number woo who prop up our state run health system. Philippino nurses, and more recently foreign trained doctors to plug the gaps left by the locally trained professionals heading off to Dubai or down under.

    The media and chattering classes constantly highlight the fact the HSE would not be able to function without immegration, obscuring the difference between legal skills based immegration and illegal / quasi legal.

  9. Bloke in Germany

    Perhaps the more recent arrivals are Protestants? Against Christianity itself?

    If this carries on much longer, in much of Europe not just Ireland, the Euroborn settling for a two-state solution will be the desirable, at least the least violent end game.

  10. What the Irish need to do is copy their 17th century ancestors and launch a genocide of the Campbells in Argyll. Then they can resettle the fuzzie-wuzzies there. I don’t suppose the neo-Scotnaz government would put up any resistance at all.

  11. Give them a Nansen passport clearly marked “No recourse to public funds”. Work or starve. (Or get help through private charity, I suppose.)
    Legal immigrants can apply for citizenship after twenty years, but only for the main breadwinner, not dependents.
    Illegal immigrants are issued a fine (equivalent to three years’ university fees?) and risk their pay being garnisheed. Never citizenship for them.

    Rwanda won’t work. They can just skip the country and try again. So the only way is to make life in the West unattractive.

  12. Gunker: ” 1. Ukrainians looked rather melanin enriched *”

    They tried that here, with Africans and Asians ‘studying’ in Ukraine demanding to come to the UK and, for once, the British Government wasn’t having any…

  13. @ Steve: ” Deport them, and execute the politicians.”

    A sensible policy for a modern European country.

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