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It’s an ambition

Reform UK poses a major threat to the Conservatives in 28 seats, analysis by The Telegraph shows.

YouGov data indicates that Richard Tice’s party is expected to win more than 20 per cent of the vote in a series of constituencies across England’s North and Midlands.

In these areas, Reform UK could deny the Conservatives a win by taking a slice of their support, challenging the party for victory, or leapfrogging the Tories and taking second place.

Disappointed about Nigel’s decision. But, there we are.

10 thoughts on “It’s an ambition”

  1. My garage has I. Own health and wellbeing to think of

    Just remember what happened last time: unexplained plane crash,assaults on his family and full on leftwaffe carpet bombing

    He’s an effective campaigner and master of the bon not sound bite which is the level of insight social media obsessed air heads can cope with

    He’s more effective doing that than being a constituency candidate

    Starmer will implode, his past will be brought into question and the full horror of Labour’s likely cabinet will have to be revealed and questioned

    Starmer is no leader, he’s an ineffective mid level manager who can voice platitudes and take the easy way out. His political antennae are poor, his missteps have been covered up so far by a compliant media and police force

    Hell be gone in a year with Khaaaaaaan taking over

  2. I guess Nige thinks being The Donald’s pet limey is better than being Reform’s only MP?

    Reform is massively hampered by the short timescale of the election, which is probably one one of the reasons for the snap election. And those letters of course…

    I know everyone expects Rishi to run off as soon as the dust settles but I wonder if he thinks a less than terrible result will cement his position as leader?

  3. Marius said:
    “I guess Nige thinks being The Donald’s pet limey is better than being Reform’s only MP?”


  4. “I guess Nige thinks being The Donald’s pet limey is better than being Reform’s only MP?”

    Nah. It’s his job at GB News. Ofcom have been after him for months, that’s why he’s “Honorary President” of Reform. Not officially active, see? I assume he thinks being on the telly is more useful. I doubt an outfit like GBN is more lucrative.

  5. Mr Farage perhaps realises Reform won’t/can’t win, so he doesn’t want to lead a Party to failure – better let Mr Tice take the credit.

    It makes it easier to return and take over leadership post-election to prepare and lead it into the next election amid the wreckage caused by Labour.

  6. Recusant: Suits me. I’ve been voting since 1989. Nobody I’ve ever voted for – local elections, general elections, the Holyrood Nuthouse; nobody – has won. I’m past caring. I am the hecklers at the back.

  7. Theophrastus (2066)

    Compared to what UKIP was, Reform are a waste of electoral space – a rabble with a leader lacking charisma and without a national organisation.

  8. Frankly Theo I don’t give a flying fornication… I shall be voting for Reform on the simple basis that they’re NOT Conservative, NOT Labour, NOT Lib Dem, NOT Green, etc…

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