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Just an aside

He served around two years at the “country club” prison at Lompoc, California, with tennis courts, a golf course, gym and billiard room.

Having actually been to Lompoc (no, not into the prison) that sounds like the conditions inside could be better than outside.

9 thoughts on “Just an aside”

  1. A great many UK prisons, not just the open variety, also have gyms and billiard rooms (albeit more likely pool nowadays – there was certainly one in “Scum” which was put to good use by a young Ray Winstone).

  2. Person in Pictland

    The sensible thing with prisons would be to have no gyms, no telly, and generally no luxuries. Except one: the prisoners should be given huge heaps of food.

    Then when they are out again, and committing crimes again, they won’t be able to waddle fast enough to escape arrest.

  3. Bearing in mind the rotund girth of so many police officers the pursuit process would resemble something out of Jeux Sans Frontiers.

    Town centre loudspeakers could be programmed to play Yakety Sax in order to further enhance spectator appeal.

  4. Certainly no gyms – you have career criminals coming out of prison stronger and faster than when they went in; and they aren’t planning to use that strength for gardening.

  5. I keep on thinking of the Simpsons Halloween episode where Homer goes to Hell and is force fed doughnuts.

  6. I’ve actually been ‘inside’ FCI Lompoc – it’s not clear to me whether Boesky was in the Federal Correctional Institution (referred to onsite as ‘the camp’) or the adjacent Federal Penitentiary. The conditions at the Penitentiary are (I was told) considerably less salubrious than they are at the FCI – which is where I was.

    And, no, before you ask, I wasn’t doing my porridge for unmentionable crimes – FCI Lompoc has a vocational school for auto and truck repair where (among other things) they perform contract work on vehicles for the US military, which is what brought me there. Vandenberg AFB is just down the street.

    It is bloody hot there



  7. Oh, and BTW, FCC Lompoc does not have a golf course. The FCI does indeed have tennis courts, but their use is a privilege that has to be earned.



  8. Bloke in Germany

    It’s california so of course there is zero incentive to leave a correctional facility for the outside.

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