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Not really and wholly

Biden won’t let America supply the world with low-carbon gas. It’s green energy madness

Sure, they’re playing to the green lobby. Even, claim that you’re doing it because etc.

But really, this is the argument of the export of crude oil all over again. There are winners if not exports are allowed – the domestic producers of derivatives which can then be exported. With crude, petrol, with gas ethane and other plastic precursors perhaps.

Allow exports and the discount domestic users gain on prices shrinks, lowering their profit. So, it’s a fight between large scale commercial users and producers. Currently, the producers are losing a bit.

6 thoughts on “Not really and wholly”

  1. But shirley this is for ideological reasons and not considerations of trade ?

    Biden’s cabinet ( obviously not Joe, he’s still on his 100 piece jigsaw of Raquel Welch ) have decided that fossil fuels are a Bad Thing and that the USA should not influct them upon the world.

  2. This sums up the belief of greens:
    “In fact, giving society cheap, abundant energy at this point would be the moral equivalent of giving an idiot child a machine gun. With cheap, abundant energy, the attempt clearly would be made to pave, develop, industrialize, and exploit every last bit of the planet—a trend that would inevitably lead to a collapse of the life-support systems upon which civilization depends”.
    Paul Ehrlich 1975.

    Conveniently ignoring the fact that cheap energy is the most effective way to make a country wealthy and the wealthier a nation becomes the more it can afford to spend on looking after the planet…..

  3. That’s nothing. Rishi won’t let the English supply themselves with the low-carbon gas under our own feet.

    And it’s not just fracking they hate. The British government, under the “Conservatives”, is deliberately killing the British oil and gas industry. Labour will apply the coup de grace.

  4. It is indeed tedious to see our government pretending to wring its hands over energy prices while high prices are in fact government policy.

  5. Well Labor ‘says’ it’s going to make sure we have enough gas. But since states like Victoria are stopping the necessary drilling, while preparing to shut down their coal burning electricity generators, I have my doubts.

    I actually think our rulers are just as stupid as yours. Yes really!!!!

  6. I actually think our rulers are just as stupid as yours. Yes really!!!!

    Canada says: Hold my beer

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