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On Times Radio

I couldn’t work out why they were scraping the C List to get me on.

Ah, yes, election period, so you can’t have anyone party identified because if you do then they all have to be on.

That they got as far down as me shows how free – ahem – standard commentary is of party affiliation.

3 thoughts on “On Times Radio”

  1. So they didn’t do much due diligence, Tim.
    Times columnists are world class bores so I’ve never listened to the talking version.
    I’d maybe tune in for a ding dong between you and Murphy.

    How long has Ragging on Richie being going now? 10 years? 15? We should have a whip round to present you with a long service medal.
    Made of Scandium, natch.

  2. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ I’d maybe tune in for a ding dong between you and Murphy.”

    There’s history to this idea: IIRC Spud refused to go on a panel Tim was on it and demanded Tim’s invite be withdrawn, which it was.

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