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One of those EV problems

Somewhere between 30pc to 40pc of households do not have off-street parking, rising to 60pc in London, according to analysis of charging locations by installer Andersen.

This is, of course, why you allow markets to deal with such things. Where it’s easy to do it then it will be done – where it’s difficult it won’t be. Which is what we want anyway, that low hanging fruit plucked.

17 thoughts on “One of those EV problems”

  1. The Khan’s writ may cover London, but unfortunately The Tube doesn’t.

    Plenty of parts of London are a bloody long walk from a tube station and the buses are too expensive and mired in congestion.

    Not everybody can live in the Soviet Oblast of Islington.

    …or would want to.

  2. But that’s the whole point. Those without access to power points are just the low hanging fruit.

    The last thing they need is for the market to get involved, because then EVs might shudder become affordable

  3. I have a perfectly usable and serviceable car of a type I’ve been driving for the last 40 odd years.

    What is telling me that this is no longer workable is a demonstrably wrong computer model that has been hijacked by infantilised, ignorant, humanity hating ideologues.

    I have two words to say to this, one of which is “fuck”!

  4. The Pedant-General

    But we’re also suffering the effects of a low – and ever decreasing – trust society.
    Hammersmith tried putting in charging units into streetlamps. They got vandalised. Pilot project canned.

  5. TPG,

    “Hammersmith tried putting in charging units into streetlamps. They got vandalised. Pilot project canned.”

    It’s an interesting thing that the “more benefits to single mothers/don’t lock up scrotes” people are also the “more bikes” and “cheaper housing” people.

    Like Japan has a perspective on immigration, single mothers and crime that would best be described as 100% gammon, but people don’t go nicking and vandalising stuff like they do here. So you can leave your bike outside a shop without someone going at the lock with an angle grinder.

  6. It does amuse me that grid expansion, massive investment in grid capacity, and substations, rewiring whole neighbourhoods and houses, and tearing up the countryside for charging stations for the exclusive use of EVs is somehow more sustainable than carrying on with the current technology

    It will all end in tears

  7. It will all end in tears

    No it won’t. The uncivil servants will get their gold plated pensions, the politicians their seats in the House of Lords, any inquiry will be a whitewash whose vast costs will be laid on the taxpayer, who is simultaneously the victim and the accused.

    Our political system is broken and needs to be wiped clean (preferably by the wrath of God).

  8. People not being able to charge EV’s is a bonus on a day like this when our 27.9GW of installed wind capacity is currently generating less than 1GW.

  9. Person in Pictland

    Hmph. Will people sneak onto your drive and steal your charging cable for the copper?

  10. We’ve just got an EV. Since it arrived we’ve had a skip on the drive. It gets charged occasionally on street or in Waitrose. Lesson is if you use an EV as a *second* car for *small trips in town* you don’t *need* overnight charging off street…..

    Everyone else is stuffed.

  11. Nephew is 17 later this year. Parents want him to learn to drive their ageing EV, range 90 miles. Partly because it’s the future (lol) and partly because when he starts taking it out on his own with his mates he can only go so far, and they’re not going to get a late night call to learn he’s been found in a ditch two shires away.
    The boy wants to learn to drive a manual.

  12. Bongo, would have thought that learning to drive / pass test in a manual is the more sensible option.
    Gives more options & all that.
    Once he’s off on his own- restricting a 17 Yr old to a 40 miles from home makes some sense, although some leccy cars have decent acceleration.

  13. Agree Nessimmersion – the boy is thinking ahead, and wants to have fun and options. If you’re going to drive a Challenger for your country you need to learn in your dad’s diesel estate and not mum’s leaf. Smiles.

  14. I’ve heard so many middle-class jerks come out with this electric second car bollocks. The vast majority of “second cars” are the driver’s first & only car. The majority of two & three or more car households are because the users need a car to get around independently, too & from work etc. So the “second” car needs similar capabilities to the “first” car.

  15. @Bongo
    “he’s been found in a ditch two shires away.” – LOL

    “The boy wants to learn to drive a manual.” – yes, he should.

  16. @bis

    Not all cars in a household need to be the same. Forget about EVs for a minute. Lots of ICE-only households have both a big car to lug more people or stuff about, and a little city runabout that’s more economical to run. That way you and your partner have got a car each if needed, but if both cars are free and only one of you needs to drive (or you’re going somewhere together) you can pick the car more appropriate to your trip. Yes, most of the time one person sticks to “their” car, and their partner to the other, but it’s normal for people to be insured across both cars should the need arise.

    Having your runabout be an EV can make life a lot cheaper if you regularly drive through an urban area where ICEs get charged through the nose. Downside is it reduces your options for long distance driving, but for a lot of households it’s unlikely you’ll both need to drive long distance independently on the same day. Won’t work for everybody, but if you’re in an urban area, commute and shop locally, only one of you needs to make long journeys to see family, you normally drive on holiday together in the same car… then it’s pretty workable. Must be quite rare for both members of a couple to need to do long-distance work trips, given how that’s more of a male thing.

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