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Really, really, missing the point

But only on the left has there been clear reference to tackling systemic racism. What about also committing to making EU institutions more racially diverse and inclusive, and decolonising inward-looking and Eurocentric trade, aid and foreign policies? By ignoring such questions, many of these parliamentarians perpetuate the damaging disconnect between the predominantly white EU institutions and the reality of a vibrant, diverse and multicultural Europe.

The entire point of the European Union is to set up a system whereby Europe – or that vision of it – can be protected from the vibrancy of that outside world. They’re not going to try to stop Eruocentric trade, protecting expensive European businesses from more lively competition elsewhere is the entire point of the game.

10 thoughts on “Really, really, missing the point”

  1. the reality of a vibrant, diverse and multicultural Europe

    That reality is more crime, especially rape and violence, more corruption, more ghettoes and creeping sharia law.

    That reality is not a colourful mix of peoples from all over the world, but a bloc of mostly Muslim immigrants from low trust, violent, backwards nations, bringing the violent primitivism of their religion and culture and growing it in Europe.

    The writer doesn’t care a jot about Europe or its ‘vibrancy’ or ‘multiculturalism’. All she wants is more power and possessions for her and her ilk.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Surely by now even guardian readers must have twigged that the words “vibrant”, “diverse” and “multicultural” have negative connotations.

  3. Since the house magazine of the BBC , like its mentor, measures diversity with a light meter I doubt they’ve experienced real diversity. Like the BBC, only certain types of diversity are valued. Mostly those of the quasi-sexual kind. I suspect stabbings are rare, unless you count in the back, between the shoulder blades kind…

  4. “It is a toxic view reflected in the EU’s new migration and asylum pact and Rwanda-style plans for sending refugees and migrants to third countries drawn up by the European People’s party”

    Does it work, though? If it did, I might even have a few regrets about leaving the EU. Our Rwanda-style plans are shite, and I’d be a bit envious if it were done elsewhere with teutonic efficiency.

  5. TMB:

    “Surely by now even guardian readers must have twigged that the words “vibrant”, “diverse” and “multicultural” have negative connotations.”

    They probably have, and the likes of Owen Jones and John Crace would probably avoid them for that reason.

    But if you are a “brown, Muslim European” you can be forgiven for knowing next to fuck all about our culture and language.

  6. “I am terrified at the extent of power and influence wielded, inside and outside government, by politicians who are unashamedly racist, xenophobic and Islamophobic and whose vision of Europe – whatever they may say in public – is also inherently hostile to women, Jews and gay people.”

    This bint needs to fvck off. It would be hard to think of anything more hostile to women, Jews and gay people than Islam and the cultures adopted by its adherents.

  7. I clicked on the link expecting some subjugated moose in a headscarf and … well, let’s say her profile pic doesn’t make it look like she’d be singled out as a ‘brown Muslim woman’ in a crowd…

  8. Marius beat me to it:

    Mark Steyn predicted this would happen and he seems to be a Cassandra. I fear the horse has long since bolted. Seeing the various LGBTQIA mobs thrown off tall buildings would be satisfying other than the fact I’d probably be next.

    Complete cessation of Islamic migration and beginning of closure of Mosques seems to be unavoidable. Religious freedom for them is really not compatible with the modern world.

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