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Red diesel is a little odd

Electric car subsidies will be scrapped, while heat pumps will no longer be mandatory. “Red diesel” will be brought back for farmers, and restrictions on agriculture will be eased – a significant issue for a country that is one of the largest food exporters in the world by value.

On energy, the Netherlands will switch to nuclear power, starting work on four new reactors, alongside encouraging fresh development of offshore gas production.

It will cut taxes for businesses, including a levy on share buybacks, while plans for a rise in the carbon tax will be cancelled.

If Holland creates so much value from agriculture then why does it need tax breaks?

But wonder what the vote would be for a UK party that made the same sort of pledges?

10 thoughts on “Red diesel is a little odd”

  1. To keep them producing food.

    Don’t forget, the policy of the previous government was to destroy the agricultural sector.

  2. Amazing that politicians have realised it’s not just the peasants who have to eat. They must have been on a course.

    “But wonder what the vote would be for a UK party that made the same sort of pledges?” I think trust in politicians in this country may be at an all time low, especially for us old ‘uns who have had experience of a Liebour government. The “Tories” are known, from recent experience, to be compulsive liars, but when da yoof find out why it was Gordon the Moron Brown who went to court to get a judge to rule that a politician could lie his head off to get elected and that was fine, their education will be enhanced…

  3. Red Diesel isn’t a subsidy, or it is only in a Potato sense. Diesel is taxed for road use because petrol is also taxed for what used to be the ‘road fund’ but is now just another extortion of the public for general expenditure. Red Diesel is like kerosene & gas oil which have many non-road transport uses. I suspect the main reason that Red Diesel use is now much restricted is to stop the scam of removing the contaminants and reselling it for road use.

  4. The Netherlands is not just huge agribusinesses though. The vast majority of Dutch farmers are very small scale and usually do farming alongside other business to make ends meet in what is pretty high tax country if your an average worker.

    So restoring Red Diesel for small farmers makes sense and I guess it is difficult to do that without restoring it across the board.

    The policy of the previous Rutte administrations was essentially geared towards the elimination of small scale agriculture in the Netherlands. The electorate have made quite clear both in the streets and the ballot box that this is not what they want, so I guess the next move is on the EU and deep state to attempt to crush the new government.

  5. JG – so I guess the next move is on the EU and deep state to attempt to crush the new government.

    Yarp, the rulers of the Collective West are the enemies of every sovereign country on Earth.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    Tax breaks are a way for politicians to admit taxes are too high without conceding your opponents might have a point about high taxes and at the same time buy votes claim to be acting in the national interest.

  7. ” Diesel is taxed for road use”

    Not any more it isn’t. It used to be that ‘white’ diesel (the full tax one) was only for use in road vehicles, and everything else could use red, because they don’t go on the road.

    However the brown midget decided that as a Tory chancellor he needed more tax, so now just about everyone apart from farmers and foresters (and weirdly enough golf courses, one assumes enough MPs are members of golf clubs to keep that exemption going) has to use white diesel, regardless of whether the vehicles ever goes on the road or not. A cricket club’s diesel mower – white. Heavy construction equipment – white. Tractor on a non-commercial small holding – white. Woodchipper – white. All to pay for more people from sub-Saharan Africa to come here and be paid to do nothing. Aren’t Tories great????

  8. I don’t think it can be put down to Brown; the govt website seems to put on Hunt’s account, all in the name of climate wank

    “At Budget 2020, the government therefore announced that it would remove the entitlement to use red diesel and rebated biodiesel from most sectors from April 2022 to help meet its climate change and air quality targets. The tax changes will ensure that most users of red diesel use fuel taxed at the standard rate for diesel from April 2022, like motorists, which more fairly reflects the harmful impact of the emissions they produce”

  9. Brown midget = Sunak. He was Chancellor for the 2020 budget that introduced the changes to diesel taxation.

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