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Bella Hoare: My family has run this bank since 1672 – I won’t apologise for being authentically posh
The scion of the famous financiers is also a gifted artist. She talks about nepotism, the responsibility of privilege and life after loss

Among the English to be a banker is not to be posh. Rather the opposite, it’s to be far too close to trade.

Now it is possible that over the generations enough daughters have been married off – with their dowries to pay for a new roof – into the aristocracy that one is indeed posh. But that’s what makes one so, not that one is related to bankers

15 thoughts on “Sigh”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    It’s not posh to talk about oneself to journalists and it’s deeply unposh to talk about “life after loss”. To pose for photos in different garments is unspeakably vulgar.

  2. Is the name significant? Is she a descendant of Charlie 1 or 2? That would make her sort of posh…

  3. What Grist??

    You’re arguing that her name should be spelt Bella Whore not Bella Hoare???

  4. Just mentioning where her wealth comes from negates her poshness. It is never acceptable in polite society to discuss money.

  5. Bloke in the Wash

    A quote from the books of late author Patrick O’Brien: “My bankers are Hoares”.

  6. For about 12 years in my yoof I banked with C Hoare & Co until they decided I was not a prime candidate for riches and they, very politely, invited me to FO. A very genteel touch, bank statements were all handwritten, nothing so common as a typewriter even.

  7. First thoughts – 50 years old according to the article. Looks older.

    The bank web site is a bit dull. The page about the key people in the bank is only interesting because of the spot-the-diveristy-hire game that you can play.

  8. In my extremely-limited experiences of the truly “posh”, they all drove 20-year-old cars, wore 40-year-old clothes, and sat on centuries-old furniture, and they would sooner have an appendix removed with a rusty knife and no anaesthetic than to talk about themselves, their feelings, their relationships and (above all else) their money.



  9. I sneeze in threes

    Does anyone remember the quote/joke along the lines of

    “My tailors are thieves and my bankers are Hoares.”

    Thieves of course being rhyming slang for Gieves.

    While we are on the subject of private (ish) banks, I find it greatly amusing that some posh Doris who writes for the Telegraph and is part of the banking family has the surname Money-Coutts. At first I thought it was a Private Eye spoof.

  10. Our earliest local bank was founded by a grocer, run in his back room as a convenience for customers.

  11. Bloke in North Dorset

    I always thought being posh was more about how people acted more than their class. Collins defines it as:

    If you describe a person as posh, you mean that they belong to or behave as if they belong to the upper classes.

    I’d go as far as to say in common usage its more about people who want to be or think of themselves as aristocracy, hence the sneering way it tends to be used, rather than, as Llamas says, those who are genuine aristocracy.

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