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So, how do I get transcripts?

Of these:

Any idea?

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    it gave me this from the 50 sec, channel intro.

    welcome to Gary’s economics my name is Gary Stevenson former Trader author of the trading game now people’s Economist I made millions of pounds by betting that inequality would destroy the economy and the lives of ordinary families on this channel we’re going to explain exactly what’s happening in the economy in a way that is understandable and accessible for ordinary people listen if people understood what inequality was doing to their lives and the future of their families they wouldn’t accept it so on this channel we
    explain it all in basic simple terms so you can understand you can teach it to your friends and your family so watch the videos send it to your mom send it to your nan let’s get people together and stop accepting an economy that is worse and worse year after year thank you

  2. Hilariously, people are saying on Spud’s YouTube channel that he and Gary should collaborate.

    Armed with two chunky crayons and the back of some old surplus wallpaper, they’ll explain ‘economics’.

    They have the same approach. People are pissed off at the moment and think it must be someone else’s fault and that a rich bloke over there should be made to pay for everything. So tell them they are right.

  3. Next to the video title there should be “more”. Click on that, and you should see a transcript option which gives a transcript with timestamps.

  4. I’ve seen a few of that bloke’s videos come up on my Youtube recommended list and the subjects have looked pretty suss. The fact that anyone is suggesting Spud collaborates with him should be enough of a red flag.

  5. In 2005, he enrolled in the London School of Economics and studied maths and economics.[3] He later wrote in his memoir that his university experience led him to conclude that “a lot of rich people expect poor people to be stupid”.

    I’ve met very, very few smart poor people.

  6. Just watched one of his videos. He comes across like he’s just spent 6 months sleeping in his car and talks like a recovering heroin addict with a speech impediment. In Murphy’s world that’ll probably add to his street cred no doubt.

  7. To get the auto-generated transcript on any YouTube video:

    Scroll down to the description bit below the video and before the comments

    Click on “more”

    There should now be a “Show Transcript” link. Click it.

    The transcript appears on the right.

    If you want to read it in a more-readable screen, turn off the timestamps (from the … menu for the transcript) and then select it all and copy/paste. The transcript is just a compilation of all the subtitles, so it’s broken into really short sections; you’d want to do a little editing of line-lengths, etc before you started quoting it.

    Also, if you want to publish quotes in something professional, you’d need to check against the actual video: the subtitles are sometimes auto-generated (and the auto-generator isn’t perfect, though it’s a lot better than the live ones we’re accustomed to), and are sometimes an uploaded copy of the script from the YouTuber (which has the traditional “Check Against Delivery” warning as when you get the autocue script). Only a very few, very professional channels go to the expense and effort of doing an exact transcript.

    Anyway, Here’s the transcript for his video from yesterday.

    Welcome back to Gary’s Economics.
    Today we’re going to talk about burning money.
    All right.
    So this is a question which I’ve been asked recently
    in a few interviews which is, all right Gary,
    if you are successful
    in taxing the rich significantly more
    what would you do with the money?
    And I’ve given this answer in a few interviews
    which is kind of me being intentionally controversial,
    which is to say that
    if you were to tax the rich significantly more
    and literally burn the money,
    you would see a significant increase
    in living standards.
    And there’s a degree to which I say
    that to be controversial,
    but I think I also want to illustrate
    a really important point, which is that
    I think it is actually true.
    If you were to take this money to burn it,
    you would increase living standards.
    And the reason for this is,
    if you were to do this
    really significantly, tax the rich and burn the money,
    you’d be basically exactly reversing
    what we did economically as a society during Covid.
    So the reason I started this channel, for those of you
    who don’t know, the first channel we did on this,
    the first video we did on
    this channel was a video called
    How do the rich get rich from Covid 19?
    It was in June 2020,
    and that’s because it was very clear to me
    very early on that during Covid,
    the government would give out
    an enormous amount of money.
    That money would end up with rich people
    and that would cause a collapse in living standards.
    I reference this video a lot on the channel,
    if you haven’t seen it,
    you really should go and watch it,
    because it enabled me at the very beginning of Covid
    to make a lot
    of very accurate predictions
    about what would happen after lockdown,
    which was that inequality would increase massively,
    house prices would increase massively,
    there’d be a big increase in inflation,
    there’d be a big collapse in living standards,
    there’d be big increases
    in stock prices and the gold price.
    All these things happened basically.
    Now, at the time,
    at the very beginning of Covid,
    to anyone who
    would have bothered to look and do that analysis.
    It was actually very obvious
    early on that an enormous amount of money would flow
    from the government to the rich.
    And again, if you want to know how that mechanism works,
    we’ll put the link to the video in the
    The amount of money that went
    from the government to the rich during Covid,
    the total government deficit
    since the beginning of Covid
    is £800
    which would be enough to give
    every single adult in the country £16,000 each.
    So if we make the simplifying assumption
    that that went to the top 5%,
    obviously it’s a little bit
    more complicated than that,
    but most of it
    did end up with the very rich,
    that would be enough
    to give the top 5% of adults in the country
    £320,000 each. Absolutely enormous amount of money.
    So let’s think about what would happen
    if we were to tax
    all of these very rich people £320,000 each.
    That’s per adult, right, not per family,
    and burn the money.
    Because I think it’s
    actually really interesting, it helps
    you understand what has happened and how money works.
    First of all, it’s a massive amount of money.
    £320,000 per adult
    is a lot of money, even for rich people.
    The top 5% is not all super, super, super millionaires.
    All right.
    If we say the top 1%,
    suddenly we’re talking about £1.6 million
    for every one of the top 1%.
    That’s a huge amount of money
    these guys would straight away in many cases…
    Well, first thing to say is a lot of
    these guys have accumulated
    a huge amount of money and are sitting on the money.
    So you get rid of that money.
    Now the government through the Bank of England
    pays them interest on the money.
    So straight away
    you collapse government interest payments,
    which means government deficit disappears.
    And the government doesn’t have to do austerity.
    So number one, austerity finishes end of austerity.
    Number two is in a lot of cases
    these guys don’t have that cash
    and they would have to sell assets.
    Now one of the biggest things that has changed
    since Covid is a transfer of assets
    away from the middle class and towards the rich.
    The way that you see that
    as an ordinary family is that if you are young,
    you can’t afford the house,
    rich people are buying instead with cash.
    Or if you are older, your kids can’t afford the house
    because the rich people’s kids are buying it with cash.
    So the rich have to start selling assets.
    They can’t all sell them without somebody buying them.
    So assets transfer back from the government…
    assets transfer back from the rich to the middle class
    so that inequality decreases. Money flows back.
    The next thing is because they have to spend
    an enormous amount of money on tax,
    they probably have to reduce their spending,
    which means you will see
    a significant decrease in inflation.
    It’s a lot of money £1.6 million.
    If these guys all stopped spending,
    you will see inflation collapse down,
    possibly into negative territory.
    So the next thing you see is
    inflation goes negative,
    which means that the massive price increases
    we’ve seen start to reverse.
    So again
    you see a reversal of what happened during Covid.
    Well if that inflation collapses
    well the central bank will have to act
    because their job is to make sure
    inflation say that 2%. So straight away
    Bank of England interest rate collapses.
    It’ll be the same if you’re an America.
    Fed interest rate collapses.
    So assets go back to the middle class
    inequality reduces, prices go down,
    interest rates go down, your mortgage payments go down.
    Every single one of these…
    Oh, and the government debt goes down, government
    deficit goes down.
    Every single one of these is the exact reversal
    of what happened during Covid.
    And every single one of these is driving up
    the living standards
    of ordinary families in the middle class.
    The government will have less assets.
    The government have less consumption.
    Those assets will go to ordinary families,
    and that consumption will go to ordinary families,
    and living standards will significantly increase.
    So what this highlights for me,
    the most important
    thing to understand is at the beginning of Covid,
    when I said
    the rich will accumulate an enormous amount of money
    from the government,
    a lot of people said, why does that matter?
    Why does it matter if the rich accumulate money?
    This is politics of envy.
    You shouldn’t care about the rich being rich.
    This shouldn’t bother you.
    What underlies this,
    I think,
    is a fundamental misconception,
    misunderstanding of what money is.
    And I think
    what it is, is a confusion of money for real resources.
    Now, if we suddenly magicked up out of thin air
    a tonne of real resources,
    productive resources, and we gave it to the rich.
    This would not be a bad thing.
    Society would become more productive.
    Things would become cheaper.
    We’ve certainly got loads more stuff
    now, we can all be richer.
    But money is not real resources.
    If you conjure up out of thin air
    a tonne of money,
    most of this money was printed,
    and give it to the rich,
    that does not make society any more productive.
    Money is not a real resource.
    Money is not a productive resource.
    Money is a relative resource.
    Money is a competitive resource.
    Money is the resource which we use to determine
    the distribution of the real resources.
    So if we give the rich a tonne of money
    and we don’t give you a tonne of money,
    they will use that money
    to take a bigger share of the assets,
    to take a bigger share of the resources
    to outcompete
    you and your kids for assets and resources.
    And what you see is your family
    losing its share of real resources,
    government losing its share of real resources,
    and in many cases, families
    losing their share of basic essentials
    like housing, like food, like energy.
    Money is a relative resource.
    This is why when we give a tonne of money to the rich
    and we don’t give a tonne of money to you,
    you lose out in terms of real consumption.
    And what you see is inflation.
    If we were to reverse that,
    you would get a bigger share of assets.
    You get a bigger share of consumption.
    And what you would see is deflation.
    Now, I think this highlights the absurdity
    and the stupidity of the way we handled Covid.
    Not that I’m against lockdowns.
    Sometimes people try to say I’m against lockdowns,
    so I don’t really have an opinion.
    I’m not a doctor on these things.
    We should have recognised from the beginning
    that it was going to be massive…
    There was going to be a massive distributional effect
    that was going to massively increase
    inequality, a massive decrease in living standards.
    We didn’t talk about it, but I should point out,
    I don’t actually support this as a policy.
    I don’t think we should burn the money.
    I think that would be
    a quite absurd thing to do with the money.
    We can use that money, we can distribute directly.
    This amount of money would be enough
    to give £16,000 to every adult in the country.
    Not every household, every adult.
    So this means if you are an adult, £16,000 to you,
    to your mum, to your dad,
    to your brother, to your sister, to your girlfriend,
    to your boyfriend,
    to your husband, to your wife, to your kids,
    if they’re over 18, to every single one of your mates,
    this money could be used to make you
    much, much, much richer.
    And once you realise the scale of it,
    it should be obvious
    that it is the cause of the decrease
    in your living standards.
    And I think what the point
    I’m trying to make, the underlying point is
    when I talk about taxation of the rich,
    it is not about politics of envy.
    It is about the politics of power.
    It is about the politics of distribution.
    There is a group in society
    which is getting rapidly, aggressively,
    richer and is massively increasing
    its share of assets and wealth
    and ownership and consumption
    at the expense of the government and the middle class.
    It’s making the middle class poor, is making your kids
    poor, it’s going to make your grandkids poor.
    And it’s closing down the welfare state
    and the government.
    Listen, taxation is not about envy.
    Taxation is about power.
    These guys are going to eat you.
    They’re eating you alive.
    They’re going to eat your kids.
    There is no way to stop them
    other than taxation policy.
    You know, when I talk about…
    when people…
    when I talk about this and people
    turn around to me and say, this is politics of envy,
    I feel like I’m sitting here
    on a battlefield and there is an army invading
    that is going to take all of your stuff.
    And I’m saying
    maybe we should stop them from doing that.
    And you’re turning around to me and saying,
    that’s politics of envy.
    There is competition in our society.
    These guys are getting more powerful.
    They’re getting richer. They’re taking your stuff.
    If you allow them to take all your stuff,
    you’re going to be poor
    and your kids lives will be poor.
    They’re not paying taxes.
    You’re paying taxes. That’s an unfair system.
    Raise their taxes.
    Cut your taxes.
    Protect your kids from their kids.
    Allow ordinary families to afford things like housing.
    To afford things like a decent standard of life.
    It’s the only way to prevent the country
    from collapsing into poverty.
    We campaign for it every week here on Gary’s Economics.
    Watch the videos. Share the videos.
    Tell your friends. Tell your mum.
    If we reverse it, we can make things better.
    If we don’t, then we can’t. I’m going to keep trying.
    I hope you do too. Thank you. Good luck.

  8. Based on what I read in that transcript this fella is as bonkers as Spud. To be ignored in other words.

  9. Gary’s videos would make more sense if he started each one by saying:
    Hi. My name is Gary. I’m a gobshite and a bell end.

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