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So, what’s causing the decline?

The number of parents homeschooling their children has surged in Scotland amid claims of declining educational standards and an epidemic of classroom violence.

Figures released by Scottish councils show that over 2,200 children are currently being educated at home, an increase of 40 per cent in just two years. The total has more than doubled in seven years.

OK, small overall numbers, obvs.

But is it a change in the educational system? A change in the other people being educated? Or some change in those making the choice? Fairly important to find out which, no?

9 thoughts on “So, what’s causing the decline?”

  1. … claims of declining educational standards and an epidemic of classroom violence.

    must be answering at least part of the question!

  2. When the teachers are a fundamental part of the Idiocracy… welll… what would you expect?

  3. I was born in Scotland and educated to just before secondary school. I cam down to England in time to spend a few months in an English junior school before moving to secondary school. I still remember it as the cushy days as they were still doing basics and I had been educated beyond that.

    I coasted for the first two years in secondary school as I had done most of the curriculum in Scotland. Then during the third year I got a shock as we hit the areas I had not hit in Scotland.

    Scotland was far ahead of England back then. From what I can see now England hasn’t changed all that much, although it has degraded, but Scotland has degraded a lot and now the education there is worse than England.

    Everything has been turning to shit over the last 30 years. Time for a culling of politicians.

  4. In the USA during the Covid school closures and lessons on-line, parents began to see what their children were being taught and didn’t like it. This has led to a significant increase in home-schooling and action against school-boards.

    Maybe a factor in Scotland – although no school-boards to bring to heel.

  5. Yes it’s likely education standards have slipped a lot. It would not be surprising when the teachers have to spend more time on English lessons for all the immigrants, that they cannot spend as much time on the actual subjects they’re supposed to be teaching.

  6. Many contributing factors, which vary according to individual circumstances.
    Lock down was the trigger.
    Parents saw how short the actual school day was. Four or five 50 minute lessons? I can do that. A bit of rithmetic, riting and gloable warming transgender propaganda, no problem. And some kids didn’t even get that.
    Disruptive kids in class. English as a second language.
    Rise in child anxiety, fear of bullying.
    Intrusion of outside agents – Stonewall, Islam, etc.

    Ironic that it took school closures to reveal just what was going on in school.

  7. Can’t speak for Scotland, but schools in England haven’t changed dramatically in the last two years. (Source: my kids.)

    What happened was COVID. It opened people’s minds to the idea of homeschooling; combined with a surge in production of homeschooling materials.

  8. It’s pretty obvious what the problems with the state school system are and even more obvious that there is neither the will or realistically the ability to stop them getting steadily worse.

    As long as home schooling remains an option increasing numbers of parents will make the choice – until legally they can’t.

  9. Be interesting to find out what the demographic is here. Who is educating their children at home?

    Is it whiteys worried that schools are pandering to immigrants rather than inculcating western values, or is it immigrants worried that schools are pandering to whiteys and inculcating western values?

    Alternatively is it the Guardian-reading upper-middle classes who would feel guilty about sending Jocasta and Henry to private school, but still want to make sure they get into St Andrews?

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