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There’s your solution then

Ryanair reports record €1.9bn profit as Amber Rudd joins board

Amber will soon cure that.

9 thoughts on “There’s your solution then”

  1. She has a habit of fucking things that are pretentious and nasty. A.A. Gill, Kwasi Kwarteng, and now Ryanair.

  2. Politically Rudd was at best a mini-May. Divorced from reality and personal responsibility with an unassailable if entirely unfounded belief in her own popularity, ability and judgement.

    Still, how it must rankle the fish-faced cow to see her inferior (an extraordinarily low bar) protégée raking it in. WTF Ryanair were thinking is a complete mystery.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    There’s no way Michael O’Leary is going to let her anywhere near serious executive decision making, she’s there for her political contacts.

  4. Ryanair wants those juicy RAF Northolt to Rwanda repatriation flights, especially if they get cancelled by Labour, then he can claim compensation for lost profits.

    If that doesn’t work, Amber Rudd will be getting the Spanish archer once the Tories are out of office.

  5. Teresa May & Amber Rudd. The fish-faced cow & the cow-faced fish. What delightful symmetry.

  6. Ryanair wants those juicy RAF Northolt to Rwanda repatriation flights

    Will thye be charged extra for hold luggage ?

  7. Wouldn’t the courts rule that flying them Ryanair is a breach of their human rights, cruel and unusual treatment etc and so further block the flights

  8. Employing Anna Sobriety would have been even better. Provided OLeary only held meetings before 11am.

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