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Wrong way to do it

Single-sex lavatories to be compulsory in restaurants, bars and offices under new laws
Building regulations will be changed later this year to make it compulsory to provide separate facilities for men and women

Leave proprietors and their customers to work it out. As with the idiocy of imposing smoking regulations on pubs. This is the sort of thing adults can work out for themselves.

27 thoughts on “Wrong way to do it”

  1. I thought that was what we already have? Or has everywhere gone all Ally Mcbeal and I haven’t noticed?

    p.s. The only thing Tony Blair did that was any good was the smoking ban. The next good thing he could do though is fuck off forever.

  2. Always felt it was much the same here, Addolff. Though the local library where I go to nod off to sleep——oooops read a book has a single lockable toilet that anyone can use.

    Indeed the only instance that comes to mind of female intrusion into a male toilet was at Brisbane airport. Dad was stuck with finding a toilet for his little girl so he carried her into the Gents. It didn’t seem to bother the blokes. Which of course proves Tim’s case.

  3. I seem to remember a London nightclub which had one giant bathroom for all, with loads of cubicles. All worked fine IIRC.

  4. Before I retired we had a male train driver who decided to ‘become’ a ‘woman’. The subject of which kharsi he /she/it should use came up and during a conflab, the suggestion of the ‘disabled’ cubicle was made, but apparently it is discrimantory, they get to choose what suits them (or pronoun of their choice)

    It does seem though, that there are any number of ‘minorities’ who advocate for ‘their’ rights and want to decide what the ‘majority’ have to put up with. Oh, sorry, I mentioned the smoking ban already………

  5. This must be a southern thing.
    ‘oop norf I haven’t seen any of this silliness with shared facilities.
    I don’t spend any time in cities, the closest I get is an infrequent foray to the Trafford Centre in Manchester.
    Maybe it’s going on there?

    The only place you’ll see a ‘shared’ bathroom round these parts is in one of those little cafes where there is literally only space for a single toilet.

    But people seem to have their heads screwed on a bit more here.
    What is it about cities that make people go nuts?

  6. I was blissfully unaware that unisex bogs existed. Having a law mandating separate bogs for men and women seems to me to illustrate perfectly how the politicians came to believe Gerbil Worming was real. (The vodka/cornflakes combo obviously erred on the side of excess cornflakes…)

  7. Just have a ladies loo with some hooks outside it with some wigs on. If a chap wishes to use it, he can use the instant tranny kit. Sorted.

  8. Yet Another Chris

    Folks do seem to sort it out for themselves, particularly the French. At a conference ten years ago in Paris, I went to the gents at the break. There was a massive queue for the ladies. So you can probably guess what happened!

  9. The “Take That” problem springs to mind. How do you deal with an arena interval with 95% female giggers when the facilities are 50:50. Turn a blind eye when the girls use male cubicles, they don’t have patience.

  10. Theophrastus (2066)

    “This is the sort of thing adults can work out for themselves.”

    Why? Most women prefer women-only loos for obvious reasons. And we are desperately short of functioning adults. So we would end up with an endless negotiation, punctuated by righteous anger and claims of discrimination. It’s not worth it. And legislation resolves or mitigates the conflict.

  11. “This is the sort of thing adults can work out for themselves.”

    There are plenty of dads who would sort it out if a personality-disordered transvestite followed their daughter into the loo.

    And, yes, I guess the management of the business would get the drift.

  12. The problem would sort itself out if the government just fucked off and didn’t bother prosecuting when some creepy tranny got their teeth knocked out when trying to follow a young teenage girl into the bathroom. ‘Not in public interest ‘ would cover it.

  13. So government decides to insist on separate male & female loos, just at the time when it is incapable of deciding what the difference between men and women is?

  14. It’d help if women & men used the khazi for the same purposes. Men go in, shake it at the porcelain, zip up & depart. Often in under a minute. Women go there to repair the slap. With some of them a lengthy & probably hopeless procedure. You only have to look at the relative length of the queues in a busy bar.

  15. I can remember in France standing at your urinal in the unisex toilets with women pushing past to get to the cubicles – it wasn’t a very big place.
    Since ladies’ toilets don’t have urinals, but only cubicles with lockable doors, I can’t really see what all the fuss is about, although to be perfectly honest I do prefer a bit of separation.
    The business of trannies is one that shows society has gone absolutely stark staring mad. Human beings occupy various spectra. In terms of looks there are masculine -looking women and feminine -looking men. That spectrum does not overlap with people’s sexual preferences. I’ve never been able to understand a man going through all the mutilation surgery to make himself approach his desired body, only then to declare himself a lesbian who prefers women! And somebody who just declares themselves to be female just to get into a female only space seems to me to be a combination of delusion and deception.
    I think I’d be far more sympathetic to the maintenance of female only spaces if women weren’t so aggressive at entering mail only spaces – the recent controversy over the Garrick club being one such. I notice these days that there are plenty of girls in the Boy Scouts. However, the lack of boys in the Girl Guides does suggest to me that there aren’t all that many teenage male to female trannies out there.

  16. So anyone wanting to do something like my local deli which has a cafe area and half a dozen tables at the back and a single toilet with a lock on now has to put in two toilets, even though that works fine (actually a really nice little bathroom).

    Bongo – Rush are the inverse problem. For some bizarre reason, the ladies aren’t too keen on YYZ.

  17. ‘I think I’d be far more sympathetic to the maintenance of female only spaces if women weren’t so aggressive at entering mail only spaces’

    You do have a point, Excavator Man. The first fuss I noticed about this was when women insisted on going into the male dressing rooms to interview the footballers.

  18. “This is the sort of thing adults can work out for themselves.”

    Has any politician ever thought that there was stuff that people could just work out for themselves?

  19. Theophrastus (2066)

    SV and CD

    Vigilante justice is not the way to solve any problem. Let’s stick with the rule of law…

  20. “Vigilante justice is not the way to solve any problem.”
    Not true. Vigilante justice is bad, but it is better than no justice at all. When the ‘Law’ can not or will not protect people they will join together to protect themselves.
    The classic example of this is the San Francisco Committee of Vigilance, a vigilante group formed in 1851.

  21. Theophrastus (2066)


    While we have the rule of law, vigilante justice is always unacceptable. And, in mid-19thC SanFrancisco, the rule of law had collapsed.

  22. “While we have the rule of law”

    How quaint you think that to be true. We currently have the rule of whatever law the police seem fit to enforce, and on whom to enforce it.

  23. Nice to see BoJo encounter the rule of law last week although to further Jim’s point above, he is white, male, middle aged and therefore the one demographic that does experience the rule of law.

  24. @Addolff

    And politically unfashionable at that. I’m sure if Sir Kia had turned up without ID, he would have been quietly nodded through.

  25. Theophrastus (2066)


    “How quaint you think that to be true. We currently have the rule of whatever law the police seem fit to enforce, and on whom to enforce it.”

    The rule of law admits of degree. The UK has more rule of law than most other jurisdictions. And while we have that level of RoL, vigilante justice cannot be justified.

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