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Difficult to know

Sir Keir Starmer has said that he would not use private healthcare even if his children were ill.

The Labour Party leader said he would not go private even in a case of chronic illness because the NHS is “absolutely the best” at treating acute health problems.

Of course, you knowe know whether it’s the journo or the politician getting these things wrong but chronic and acute are different things. Almost the opposite in fact.

But lucky he never sends the kids to a GP then – they are private businesses after all.

13 thoughts on “Difficult to know”

  1. Steve across the Pond

    “I know people who have because they wanted to have an operation more quickly, to get back to work or get back to something else.”

    That last paragraph kind of gives lie to his claim that the NHS is the best, doesn’t it?

  2. Emergency care is normally only available at A&E in a NHS hospital. My local private hispitals have to have patients referred to them.

    But I think Sir Kneel doesn’t realise that people will only resent his stance. He is a rich man and as such should take the burden off of the NHS and go private allowing poor people to access it. How’s it gonna look if he’s in a ward with an ingrowing toenail and some old geezer is stuck in the corridor ?

    Lord why are these people such morons ?

  3. The Meissen Bison

    Otto – he’ll never been in an NHS ward with his toenail because should the need arise your argument for going private will be deployed very quickly.

    Meanwhile the message is that private treatment is for millionaires but the NHS is good enough for the voter and it’s good enough for the prime minister in waiting.

  4. TBF, the chances that an NHS hospital would treat the PM and his brood in the way they treat me are essentially zero. He’d get the equivalent of private treatment on the taxpayers’ dime.

  5. You can say what you WOULD do till the cows come home, but only when it happens is the test.

  6. Dearieme beat me to it. There’s zero chance of a leading lefty politician having to wait a millisecond for NHS treatment. They’d smother sick children with a pillow to free up a bed for one of his brood.

  7. “There’s zero chance of a leading lefty politician having to wait a millisecond for NHS treatment. They’d smother sick children with a pillow to free up a bed for one of his brood.”

    Thats probably true in the case of a high profile person like Starmer. But I’m pretty sure that other Leftists have discovered the hard way what the NHS is like. Didn’t the wife or husband of a fairly well known Labour MP die in hospital is rather murky circumstances?

    Edit: it was Ann Clywd’s husband:

  8. Sir Keir Starmer showing the same concern for child welfare that he did when he found out about the Muslim paedophile rape gangs.

  9. Special treatment of senior politicians means that they never find out the reality of the NHS. The staff and management like it that way.

  10. It’s easy to say you never notice traffic jams when you’re ushered into the Zil Lane, ain’t it Keith?

  11. “I’m not sure what’s worse – how he was treated, or that I’m not at all surprised.”

    The latter is worse, surely? If you are shocked how he was treated that suggests you don’t have personal experience of similar treatment, so it comes as a surprise. If you aren’t surprised that suggests you do have personal experience of malpractice and its widespread throughout the NHS (which we all know it is, as we all have our own personal experiences of it). A one off failure would be bad, systemic failure is terrible, if not downright evil.

  12. My ancient mum went into hospital last week, an institution I refer to quite openly as Mogadischu General. It looked pretty bleak and the hospital has a very bad reputation.

    To my amazement, I think that they’ve managed to save her.

    Time will tell. She will still need care, but it certainly has not been the expected result.

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