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As I mentioned yesterday, I was on the Jeremy Vine show on BBC Radio 2 yesterday in which I was in discussion with a person from the far right Adam Smith Institute on wealth taxation.

‘Ee still won’t go on a show with me.

12 thoughts on “Amazin’”

  1. Not even This Is Your Life with Michael Aspel?

    Though I think you’d wipe the floor with him on Countdown, Tim.

  2. Person in Pictland

    “the far right Adam Smith Institute” I did chuckle. Practically Nazis, eh?

    What a turd the fellow is.

  3. This was the discussion, in which my frustration with his belief that tax should not be used to relieve child poverty is apparent:

    Is ‘Far right’ the ‘new ‘neoliberal’? It seems to mean primarily that the person disagrees with him. For someone so avowedly pro – Hamas and anti – semitic to criticise anyone for being ‘Far right’ shows a level of gumption.

  4. The far right Adam Smith Institute? That makes it slightly to the left of Michael Foot then. Don’t know where Kinochio would be placed on that spectrum. Ultra-Fascist?

  5. Sam – I love how, despite living through 2020-present, Dominic Frisby still has a wry smile.

    Man’s a national treasure.

  6. Really a bit rich for the aspirant Gauleiter of Ely, followed by East Anglia, followed by South England, und so weiter, to call anyone far right

  7. Congratulations to the ASI on joining the far right club! Wear the badge with pride.

    OK, maybe something other than pride.

  8. Old Glyn, East Lindsey Bogman.

    Seems that “right” is always hard just as “time” is always high and “action” is always drastic.

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