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After giving birth to her son, novelist Lara Williams feared she might never sleep again. So she turned to CBT-i, a radical and gruelling new therapy that rewired her relationship to sleep

Apparently you stay up until you’re tired enough to go to sleep.

Amazin’ what doctors will think of.

6 thoughts on “Amazin’”

  1. I knew a couple of people who discovered a grift telling people that breathing was good for them.

  2. Staying up until you are so tired you lapse into a coma is what I remember from having babies.
    No specialists required.

  3. Any parent will tell you that sleep deprivation is standard for at least the first five years of a child’s life.
    She should try working shifts for a few years , you get the ability to sleep anywhere at any time in any place.

  4. @johnd

    Or she could try the expert level.
    Working shifts and having small children.

    Speaking from experience, its no picnic.

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