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An interesting question

Argentina’s inflation rate (MoM) has now fallen 5 months in a row. Javier Milei was sworn in December 10, 2023 just 7 months ago.

Down from 25.5% to just 4.2%

How did Argentina’s President Javier Milei do it?

Slashing government spending.

OK, that’s simple enough (and not fully correct either).

But I wonder what Spud’s answer would be to “How did he do it?”

8 thoughts on “An interesting question”

  1. Question is: Would similar happen in the UK following the election of a Reform government?
    Or Vox here?
    Prospects in Italy seem to be looking up.

  2. Bloke in Scotland

    Obviously the inflation was self correcting and if it wasn’t for the the meddlesome very very far right government it would have become zero by now.

  3. “…and Ninthly: inflation in Argentina came down of its own accord, as it always does, without the need for Millei’s murderous neo-Fascist policies…”

  4. I agree Milei has done well but as Thatcher said – this is only the first stage. You need to keep
    Pursuing your enemies and not let up at all.

    – it should be completely unacceptable to hold Extreme Left wing beliefs . All those doing so should be removed from the public sector.

    – Specific, hypothecated taxes should be imposed on Socialists so the likes of Murphy/ Owen Jones should have their (considerable) assets sequestered to compensate the productive citizens they have persecuted

    – Legal immunity for Trade Unions and other third sector organizations should be ended so they can be sued by victims of jndustrial strife and pro Hamas/ Environmentalist protests

    – The electoral system needs to be amended in line with the changes suggested by Theophrastus. Private sector workers to be given plural votes and anyone on certain long term benefits needs to be disenfranchised.

    Realistically this gives a very slim chance of the country surviving as it is or returning to the Green and pleasant land we knew. Any other course will ratchet across towards a state as envisaged by Murphy

  5. @BiG
    I have been seriously considering having a punt on them. They’re certainly a better prospect than the pound or euro. Although they were pesos last time I looked not francs.
    And Buenos Aires is quite high on my list of desirable places to FO to. I correspond with a Yank over there so I have some idea what the cost of living is. Trivial would easily cover it.

  6. Hmmm…. I was looking through my accounts earlier today, and worked out that if I sold up now (well, as soon as), I’d be bankrupt by the age of 62 with five years to wait before getting my state pension.

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