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New King Charles banknotes could soon be worth £10,000

Inflation’s worse than we thought….

1 thought on “Blimey”

  1. Ducky McDuckface

    “could one day be worth” …. yeah, so could my first edition of Cryptonomicon. One day. Maybe just that one day.

    Still, gives various numbers, but it’s pretty obvious the growth of pay-by-bonk, nicking a lot of lower value transactions, whether it’s via your bank card, phone or nasal piercing, has reduced demand for notes and coins. A pint is pretty much over a fiver, so they won’t really cut it any more. Chuck’s 75, so there’s probably not a lot of time until a re-design is required, so not many are really going to be issued.

    And the polymers are supposed to last longer (ha!) and are pretty recent.

    So, yeah, maybe, one day.

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