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The comments system – sorry, the spam system about comments – has been upgraded so, obviously, that has meant a decline in performance. Apparently now I’ve got to retain it as to what is spam and what isn’t. So, we’re on a Spud level of moderation for a bit until the auto system settles down again.

Well, OK, it won’t be a Spud level as view and language won’t define what is spam but you know what I mean at least….

8 thoughts on “Comments”

  1. Islam preaches that the Koran and the hadith are the literal and perfect word of God, and inform a total solution to how to live your life on earth. It is a threat, mainly to other Muslims with an IQ above the local average who have read that creationist shit and beg to differ and think the Prophet was a remarkable leader but had no special relationship with God.

    Just testing, smiles.

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