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Through two world wars, the Depression, recession, the social revolution of the 1960s and the rise of feminism, the only whiff of scandal in its demure pages came in 2001 when Jane Andrews — who had been recruited as the Duchess of York’s dresser through an ad in The Lady — was convicted of murdering her boyfriend.

It really did take a little bit there. I mean I know Julie Andrews has had problems with her voice but I thought she’d probably made enough to not have to go into service.

3 thoughts on “Doubletake”

  1. It is a sad reflection that my memory of this case was Ms Andrews’ cross examination.

    She killed her boyfriend , she claimed,after he raped her, including anally.

    While on the run she bought some new underwear including a thong, which the prosecution considered inappropriate wear for the injuries that she had suffered.

  2. Person in Pictland

    Hang on, this woman murdered the Duchess of York’s boyfriend? I missed that scandal.

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