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Forgot the first rule of elections

A Canadian man has made history by receiving zero votes in a contested federal election, after running as part of a protest over the lack of electoral reforms in the country.

“When I saw the result, I was like: ‘Well, I am the true unity candidate. Everyone agrees not to vote for me,’” Félix-Antoine Hamel told CBC News.

Always remember to vote for yourself.

6 thoughts on “Forgot the first rule of elections”

  1. Don’t you need to have local electors to nominate you in Canada?

    Presumably they were just too polite to say no to his face, but now it’s obvious that they didn’t support him.

  2. When I first foreyed into Parliamentary elections, only six of the ten people who signed my nomination paper actually voted. 😉

  3. You can get 10 signatures by standing on a busy street for an hour asking passers by to sign your petition.

  4. Yebbut they need to be electors in the right division, so you need to interrogate them further than just “signiture guv?”

  5. Always remember to vote for yourself

    “Hamel lives hundreds of miles away from the electoral district, in Montreal, and because he lives outside Toronto, he couldn’t vote for himself.”

    I like the cut of his jib. Next time he should run as the official “None of the above” candidate.

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