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Fortunately we do not take this view when discussing his output

I could discuss this stuff, but doing so makes no point. This is small-minded, totally unambitious and intellectually bankrupt. I see no point in considering the detail when the metanarrative in the previous sentence is what matters.

4 thoughts on “Fortunately we do not take this view when discussing his output”

  1. Also from ‘FtF’

    In a land not that far from here, which many people in this country have visited, there is a genocide going on.

    It’s true the Great Replacement has specifically targeted the UK and the British people for elimination

    Millions of people have been forcibly displaced from their homes.

    A number of homes have been compulsorily purchased to accommodate the invading forces coming over on the boats and that number is likely to increase under Labour.

    Many innocent victims have been killed by an invading force acting contrary to international law.

    The COVID measures which killed hundreds of thousands including lockdowns and experimental vaccines were in effect almost the acts of an invading force.

    A place with the highest rate of child amputees in the world has been created in a matter of months.

    Big Trans have been forcing children to mutilate themselves

    People are dying of starvation.

    Relentless inflation caused by MMT and Net Zero is having an impact on people’s ability to survive I agree

    All the major hospitals and universities have been destroyed.

    True as well – despite huge increase in funding, DIE advocates and other ‘so-called progressives’ have destroyed the NHS and both secondary and tertiary education.

    Schools have been bombed.

    Probably a typo but thanks to Left wing activists masquerading as educators standards have collapsed to the extent that ‘bombed’ is probably accurate

    All of this will continue today.

    True enough

  2. I’m amused by “I applauded the Greens for their bold visions”.

    Visions, hallucinations. A delusion by any other name would be just as barking.

  3. “In a land not that far from here, which many people in this country have visited, there is a genocide going on.”

    Hands up all the people who know someone who’s visited gaza ? Anyone?

    I presume someone might be tempted to go visit Gaza to see the rockets being fired or some unfortunate woman being stoned to death, but I think it’s a stretch. I know that gaza is hot and sandy but i expect most people prefer jordan or Egypt and if desperate Morocco. No doubt this moron thinks Gazans are avid readers of the “Joy of Tax” and his blog.

    Then again being an anti semite and hating jews comes naturally to this excuse of a man – you see He thinks all jews have lots of money and are significantly better off than himself.

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