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Free markets are free markets

5 thoughts on “Free markets are free markets”

  1. That’s a landlady then?

    Presumably a bi one so as not to be in breach of various discrimination legislations?

  2. Pretty shit if the demand comes from the Landlord.

    But are you saying it’s never offered by the tenant?

  3. But are you saying it’s never offered by the tenant?

    Yes, unfortunately, mostly by the munters.

    One of the guys I worked with at the UK Environment Agency (him: unCivil Servant, me: contractor) used to pull a stunt like this. He was owner of a gorgeous two bedroom flat near Sloan Square, courtesy of the 90’s housing bust and rich parents.

    He’d interview for a lodger for his spare bedroom with the rental agreement being 12-months, but with a one-month trial period. Any munters were rejected after the due to “Been let to an earlier interviewer”.

    Thus only girls he was attracted to got offered the room to rent. If he didn’t get any action, then come the end of the one-month trial period it was a case of “Sorry, but it’s just not working out”.

    Those that put out, got to stay.

    Met two of his girl-friend/lodgers and he was definitely punching above his SMV. Both German and blonde, which was his preference.

    Shitty guy with a shitty personality though. That’s why he worked in the unCivil Service.

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