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Fun but not the solution

Nadine Dorries attacked Tory MPs who she has accused of ousting Boris Johnson, after a new poll for The Telegraph revealed the Conservatives are set for a wipeout.

Ousting Boris didn’t make matters better, no. And his remaining would likely soften the blow of this crushing to come. But the policies that folk are screaming at came, often enough, from Boris….

14 thoughts on “Fun but not the solution”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    Looks as though the Telegraph style guide has blacklisted “whom” then.

    Incidentally, the picture accompanying the story would be more fitting for a report that Sunak had overdone the covid juice because on the face of it guillain-barré syndrome might be indicated.

  2. Maybe Guillain-Barre, maybe Sizewell, but more likely the result of another talking to by his British culture advice team. After working with him on the significance of D-Day, they’ve been explaining how quickly closing one eye and making a wry face can signify friendliness, intimacy, and a knowing detachment.

  3. Lol, ROFL even.

    Rishi Sunak is predicted to become the first sitting prime minister ever to lose their seat at a general election.

    He’s actually standing up.

    The Conservatives are also on track to slump to just 53 seats, with around three-quarters of the Cabinet voted out, a major opinion poll for The Telegraph has revealed

    All that scheming, bribing and greased up bumholes, for this. Does Silicon Valley still employ complete failures?

  4. Btw, unlike in 1997, there’s no way back from this. Sometimes, dead is better:

    Securing only 53 MPs would comfortably be the Conservatives’ worst result in modern history. It would be less than a third of the 165 they got when New Labour swept to power in 1997.

    The modern Conservative Party’s previous lowest number of seats was 131 in 1906. The worst result of the Conservatives’ predecessors, the Tories, came in 1754, when 106 were won.

    It would also amount to a remarkable slump from 2019 when the Tories secured 365 MPs under Boris Johnson. It would mean the party keeping just 15 per cent of its 2019 seats.

    I predict a baby boom due to all the schadenboners.

  5. So, the electoral verdict on being swept to power in 2019 on a specific mandate and then not doing it

    Starmer take note

  6. Steiner? Steiner?

    Conservative campaign headquarters on Wednesday told Tory candidates in several constituencies who are defending majorities of over 10,000 votes that their funds and favorable access to party activists was being withdrawn, according to the people, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

    Those resources would be directed to other Tory-held districts with even larger majorities that the party believes it has a better chance of winning, the candidates were told. The same decision has been taken with a number of other similar seats, some with lower majorities, the people said.

    Sunak will get additional resources in his own constituency of Richmond and Northallerton, the people said, after a poll by Savanta suggested was in danger of becoming the first premier in British history to lose his seat.
    Other activists in different parts of Britain would have been told to head to the constituencies of Cabinet ministers seen as under threat. Polls suggest a long list of senior Tories are in danger including Defence Secretary Grant Shapps and Leader of the House of Commons Penny Mordaunt.

    Chancellor of the Exchequer Jeremy Hunt told Bloomberg he faces a battle to keep his seat.

    The massive strategic mistake the Cons are making is talking up how Reform could lead to a Tory wipeout.

    Now the public knows it’s possible to wipe them out, they’re going to electorally massacre the hated Con Party.

  7. Arguing over who’s in No. 10 is just rearranging the deckchairs. The iceberg is CCHQ, and the hole is the loss of the National Union. That’s why they’ve totally lost touch with the country. It was a conscious, deliberate decision: they didn’t like what the country was saying and shut it out, believing the BBC to be more worthy of attention.

    Well, as we say here in Jockland, Hell mend them.

    From what I gather of Reform’s structure, I don’t hold out a great deal of hope for it either in the long run. (I’m not sure it would be possible to build something like the old Tory organisation from scratch these days. To be completely fair to the CCHQ mob, it was already dying anyway. The nature of welfare-state politics mitigates against a largely apolitical political movement.) But right now, as is always the electoral calculation for conservatives, it’s the best of a bad bunch.

  8. I can remember our Conservative MP in the sixties. His brand wasn’t “Conservative” but (I think) National Liberal Unionist. Anyway, he was a local farmer with a decent war record, had played wing forward for Langholm and South of Scotland, and was well liked, even by his opponents.

    They don’t make ’em like that any more.

    Or is it that chaps like that don’t enter politics any more?

  9. Sam – . It was a conscious, deliberate decision: they didn’t like what the country was saying and shut it out, believing the BBC to be more worthy of attention

    Our rulers literally believe their words are magic.

    They think they can speak things into being, merely by using word games to pretend that (for example) Pakistani rape gangs are actually Englishmen, Net Zero will make us richer, and that we can “defeat” Russia and China.

    The non-Western world still deals in physical facts, e.g. how many new atomic power stations they’re building, how many artillery shells they can manufacture, how much oil and coal they can produce. The Western world deals in gay fantasies and feminine bullshit.

    The future is going to be a very hard place for white liberals.

  10. “They think they can speak things into being, merely by using word games to pretend that (for example) Pakistani rape gangs are actually Englishmen, Net Zero will make us richer, and that we can “defeat” Russia and China.”

    Don’t forget ‘Diversity is Strength’. Orwell would have been proud of that.

  11. The ‘bring back Boris’ mob are completely clueless. Boris is the real source of the impending Tory wipeout. He was given a good mandate to implement a right wing agenda. What did we get? Record govt spending, record taxation, record immigration, COVID lockdowns, failure to tackle wokery, failure to tackle ‘protestors’ and plenty of mad green nonsense on top from Princess Nut Nut.
    Truss and Sunak attempted to clean up the mess but too little too late.

  12. decnine – Yarp, it takes heroic levels of gaslighting and media suppression to believe Diversity is anything other than social cancer.

    Tom- Sunak attempted to clean up the mess

    Are you on drugs, and can I get some?

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