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Here’s another one

She said: “We need to see a departure from top-down accountability approaches, which stifle collaborative practice and drive unnecessary stress, and move towards a model of practitioner-led evaluation, with time invested to facilitate a more collegiate approach and peer review.

“A practical first step would be to put an end to the insidious practice of labelling schools through grading processes.”

Yep, fuck off. Teachers’ union insisting just give us all the money and don’t you dare try to measure how well it’s spent.

13 thoughts on “Here’s another one”

  1. Martin Near The M25

    “a departure from top-down accountability approaches”

    Imagine the response if someone suggested a departure from top-down funding approaches.

  2. The VAT raid on private schools is just the start. Abolishing private or home education is next, with every child crammed into Oildrum Road Comprehensive to learn critical race theory and global warming is the real goal.

  3. Philip’s got it in one. As a couple of the commentators on Samizdata point out, escaping this is not likely to be an option on the table. To have total control one must control totally so expect to see a sever curtailment of the private sphere under Labour. Whether enough people care to implement it across the board is open to question but you can be sure education won’t be a sector where they lack willing volunteers.

  4. “We’ve dumbed down the kids but we don’t want you to notice how shit we are at educating them”…

  5. Ms Gilruth said: “Greater independence for the new inspectorate body will see the power to set the frequency and focus for inspections moving from Scottish ministers to His Majesty’s Chief Inspector.

    Politicians think they can outsource their jobs to unaccountable bureaucrats, but still claim an MP’s (or MSP’s) wage plus expenses.

    But we don’t need any of these people at all, best to separate them from taxpayer money and let them find the most valuable ways they can serve their fellow man (discount handjobs behind Nandos).

  6. PS – the subprime lending catastrophe came about because we were treating junk debt as AAA, no?

    Now we have a crisis of subprime people. We still treat “yooni” as if it’s worth something, but if you look closely at what they’re teaching and the quality of their graduates, British universities produce worthless junk degrees and social bads.

  7. Steve

    discount handjobs behind Nandos

    Kek – glad I am working from home – would be tough to explain that ROFL in the office.

  8. As long as there’s top-down funding, you’ll get top-down accountability and like it, you bastards.

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