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He’s going to make a fortune of course

The Clarkson Arms: yes, I’ve bought a pub (full of dead rats)

The difficulty with a pub is getting people to come to it. If you;ve got star power then you can do that. Clarkson hsa star power, people will come to hte new pub and he’ll make a fortune. QED.

8 thoughts on “He’s going to make a fortune of course”

  1. Not if the jealous, petty, snobs who infest every level of bureaucracy in this country have their way………

  2. I expect the pub owned by Jodie Kidd experiences a similar draw, real ale and supermodels does sound an appealing combination.

  3. Philip Scott Thomas

    I noticed the other week that his Diddly Squat farm products are available from Amazon now.

  4. I expect an undercover operation to record some “pub talk”, followed by a campaign to close the “hate venue”.

    It’s just too tempting a target.

  5. Theophrastus (2066)


    I have a ‘Robinsons’ golliwog hand-made 75+ years ago by a maiden aunt. I have known him all my life, and I played with him as a child. He welcomes all our over-night guests.

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