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How to differentiate your Naomis

This still needs a little work. But I think the difference is between singular and plural. One grand tit and the other grand….

5 thoughts on “How to differentiate your Naomis”

  1. I wonder if we could develop an ideology and become Naomists ?

    It’d be like Moonbattery and Spudenomics. No doubt based on Chou en Lai’s theory of Permanent Wrongness.

  2. Person in Pictland

    The one who owned up, live on air, to a howler in her book (and PhD thesis) surely deserves credit for frankness and calm. No hysteria; just oops, oh dear, I’ll have to correct it.

  3. Bloke in Germany in Portugal

    Surely a statement becomes “the science” itself once written in a peer reviewed thesis?

    Any such claim is beyond questioning since one must not question “the science”.

  4. Person in Pictland

    Tell me, how do children abbreviate Naomi? What is its equivalent of Pat and Peg and Poll?

  5. It’s probably already an abbreviation for “Name of me grandmother” because she was never keen on Ruth. (could apply to either one)

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