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Hyperactive spam trap

Dunno why, maybe someone fed it some oats overnight…, comments might be delayed etc

4 thoughts on “Hyperactive spam trap”

  1. I hate spam traps. They’ve broken email, whose original USP was that every message sent either successfully reached its intended recipient(s) or else you got an error message explaining why it had failed. But nowadays any of multiple spam traps (at your ISP, or the recipients ISP, or several points in between) can simply discard your message “because it looks a bit dodgy, squire” without an error message, so you’ve no idea anything went wrong, and no way of finding out where the problem lies.


  2. Theophrastus (2066)

    Chris M is right: spam traps are a nuisance. My emails are often trapped simply because my d9main name is personal and not generic.

  3. My e-mail service on one domain I own spamtraps every damn e-mail from one of my other domains. I guess it doesn’t like the .sexy extension. I’ve repeated hit the NOT SPAM tab but it still ignores it. It’s even on my accept list. Since I’d like to set forwarding on the accounts on the domain, it’s a bloody nuisance. Odd thing is, I’ve never had anybody complaining it’s happening to my outgoings in their accounts.

    I once tried to spamtrap the entire hotmail domain. On the basis that anything comes out of a freemail account isn’t even worth reading the mailbox listing for. Apparently one can’t.

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