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I recognise some names here

At the point Nigel Farage announced his intention to stand for parliament “my heart sank”, admitted Trixy Sanderson, 42, formerly known as Annabelle Fuller. “It’s very triggering,” said Farage’s former lover and press aide.

The overriding emotion of Doug Denny, 76, a former member of Ukip’s ruling body, was frustration. “I don’t like frauds,” he said, with a shake of the head. As for Nikki Sinclaire, 55, one of Farage’s former MEPs, she said she felt cold anger.

It was inexplicable to her that this particular political bandwagon was still rolling on. “I get very frustrated because the media have had the tools for many years to down Farage.”

It’s a bit of a hit job and those are – from politics – the three basically doing the hitting. Having been there at the time (or for some of it at least) I’d not put a huge amount of credence to the hits. There are, shall we say, backstories.

The bits about he can be ruthless and all that, sure. That’s sorta a given in someone capable of running an organisation of campaign.

But, you know……

26 thoughts on “I recognise some names here”

  1. Sinclair is the tranny is it not ?

    Ukip were a fractious bunch devoid of party discipline, like nearly all emerging parties.

  2. Yet another series of revelations designed to damage Farage and Reforms key support within the guardian readership.

    Christ, it looks like even the telegraph wouldn’t go near these seething hasbeens, wannabes and never were anyways.

  3. I worked to get her elected. Way back when. Obvs, we all knew she was trans – it’s hard to miss. But I’m not sure that any of us knew back then – I certainly didn’t – the dead name.

  4. So, a woman scorned, a tranny and some old fart with a grudge. All so bitter they are prepared to slag him off in the Guardian, in an article reeking of desperation.

    The talk of being ‘triggered’ and “involuntary shaking’ at the mention of Voldemort, sorry, Nigel’s name sounds fake as you like.

  5. The sub heading says: “He was a deeply unembarrassed racist”. In the text of the article it transpires that it’s a quote from one of his schoolmates who knew him when he was 15. Aren’t all teenagers idiots? I know I was. (Some say I still am, but that’s a different matter.)

  6. I don’t care if Farage is a complete and utter bastard, as long as hes the bastard working for us.

  7. Rats, it took years for me to forget about Nikki Sinclaire. Now I’ve got to start all over again.

  8. In an amusing bit of synchronicity – my brother in law taught both him and his son physics. They recall my brother in law, he does not them….

  9. Shouldn’t all this be in a publication read by Reform supporters, not one read by people already not voting for them?

  10. What really strikes me in the article, is that it treats the assaulting of campaigning politicians as a “risk of the Trade”.
    As long as that politician is not of the flock Approved by the Guardian, of course.

    That’s some mighty thin ice they’re treading there….

  11. If he wasn’t a journalist, I’d feel sorry for Daniel Boffey.

    That’s quite a lot of effort to smear Nigel Farage as some sort of disagreeable Nazi alongside plenty of not-quite-legally-actionable insinuations about missing money.

    And if this was still 2016, people might have given a fuck.

  12. “was a deeply unembarrassed racist”

    As I keep preaching, everyone is a racist in terms of some meaning of that rather elastic term. The difference is whether you have enough self-knowledge to recognise the fact and enough honesty to admit to it. That’s all.

  13. “Hi Daniel, Katherine here…. Look, we’re in a bit of a jam. The stats girls have been unable to find any fault with Farage’s figures that he keeps going on about. Yes, I know they are arts graduates and in the wrong job, but they’re all we’ve got and they can’t get him on anything. Of course, we’ve also tried the divisive rhetoric schtick, but it turns out that he’s careful not to mention race, and the bloody polls show that half the morons out there actually agree with him. So could you do a sort of character assassination piece on him? Dig out a few contacts and see if there’s any animosity there. A sex angle would be good, if you can manage it. Just come up with a few nasty stories, and our legal team will make sure it passes muster. …By Friday evening, then?…Lovely! Speak later!”

  14. I feel that Nigel Farage is the Kevin Petersen of politics great talent but unfortunate in that he fell out with a lot of his team mates.
    Both would have been a lot more successful if they had been better at working with others.

    I don’t think that Farage was responsible for Brexit, if Nick Clegg hadn’t broken his word on student tuition fees and changed the benefit system to make immigrating here less attractive for EU citizens the referendum would never have happened.
    Obviously both Farage and Clegg want Farage to get the credit.

  15. if Nick Clegg hadn’t broken his word on student tuition fees and changed the benefit system to make immigrating here less attractive for EU citizens the referendum would never have happened.

    Interesting argument. By which I mean, of course, absolute tripe of the first order.

    There were many reasons for Brexit and many people involved. You could give credit (or blame as you wish) to Cameron for the combination of arrogance and panic which led to the referendum. Or Mutti and other EU leaders for their steadfast insistence on being a cunt about everything. Or awkward child Dom Cummings for his ‘genius manipulation’ of the electorate via social media platforms that no-one who voted looked at.

    However, the person who popularised Brexit, demonstrated the idiocies of the EU to the public and had more influence on the result than any single person was Nige.

  16. David,

    “I don’t think that Farage was responsible for Brexit, if Nick Clegg hadn’t broken his word on student tuition fees and changed the benefit system to make immigrating here less attractive for EU citizens the referendum would never have happened.”

    I would say that Brexit was a combination of that and: 1) Cameron shifting the party so far from the right that the righties figured they might as well vote for UKIP 2) Brown signing Lisbon without asking us, and Cameron promising to fix it, and then saying he couldn’t 3) rising immigration 4) the failure to renegotiate terms 5) UKIP being there.

    You can’t discount that UKIP was there to collect votes, to do enough damage in 2010 that Cameron got scared and had to promise a referendum at the next election. That’s a relatively small number of people, and you can’t deny that Farage was instrumental in that party having the profile it did.

    Like Reform would be nowhere if the Conservatives were dealing with immigration and cutting the size of the state. They all moan about Reform, but they aren’t doing their jobs properly.

  17. Oh, I fully credit Nick Clegg for Brexit. I spent years putting out his leaflets promising my consitutents that he would ensure they would be able to vote to leave the EU. Here’s the bunny. Farzends of them I delivered.

  18. Why is it necessary to “admit” it dearieme rather than accept? My cherished companion, a descendent of African slaves, is deeply racist about blacks. All men & most of the women. I gather that’s based on experience.

  19. This is the Nikki Sinclaire who used UKIP to get himself elected an MEP then promptly deserted it & joined a left wing faction? That Nikki Sinclaire?

  20. Nikki inspired one of the most memorable Telegraph headlines:

    I won’t be your leader, 6ft 4in lesbian tells UKIP’s gay members

    By Daniel Foggo12:01AM BST 29 Aug 2004

    The article includes this gem:

    Ms Sinclaire, who said that because of her height and sexuality she was often forced to deny being a transsexual

    Uh huh.

  21. Oh just in case you can’t see the article & get the wrong impression from the link.

    Protests against hard-Right turn violent in France
    Police deployed tear gas against black-clad protesters who appeared to throw projectiles towards their lines

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