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It’s absolutely the same thing, isn’t it?

The US advocacy group GLAAD just published an absolutely blistering fact-check of a very biased New York Times article that was yet again scaremongering about trans healthcare for teens, part of an ongoing panic that the paper has been fuelling for 16 consecutive months.

Among the key points is a staggering statistic. The number of trans teens getting gender-affirming surgery in the US, the subject of the endless why-oh-why articles in the NYT, is around 514 per year. The number of cisgender teens getting gender-affirming surgery, which includes operations such as breast reduction or breast enhancement, is 229,000 per year. And yet the NYT is not running any articles about that.

Tarting up – or down – tits is just the same as slicing nadgers off.

No, really, ’tis.

6 thoughts on “It’s absolutely the same thing, isn’t it?”

  1. “around” 514.

    Results A total of 48 019 patients who underwent GAS were identified, including 25 099 (52.3%) who were aged 19 to 30 years. The most common procedures were breast and chest procedures, which occurred in 27 187 patients (56.6%), followed by genital reconstruction (16 872 [35.1%]) and other facial and cosmetic procedures (6669 [13.9%]). The absolute number of GAS procedures rose from 4552 in 2016 to a peak of 13 011 in 2019 and then declined slightly to 12 818 in 2020. Overall, 25 099 patients (52.3%) were aged 19 to 30 years, 10 476 (21.8%) were aged 31 to 40, and 3678 (7.7%) were aged12 to 18 years

    OK. 3,678 over seven years is at least in the ballpark of 514 assuming you’re either innumerate or else so lazy that you don’t bother checking the source material yourself relying instead on the summary which refers to 3,600 instances. Tsk tsk.

    Now let’s ask the proper question. Why in the name is God is a single child having their tits or bits cut off or worse? This in the country that doesn’t allow them to drink alcohol until age 21.

    Reduction or enhancement can at least be reversible. The procedures this evil creature supports are not.

  2. ‘Why in the name is God is a single child having their tits or bits cut off or worse?’

    Yes John. I really don’t like this.

    Perhaps there should be a law that you can only do this if its equivalent is done to you?

  3. The number of trans teens

    Category error.

    There are no “trans teens”. Nobody is “trans”, since that’s medically impossible.

    We don’t have GLAAD in the UK

    I’m glad.

    but a post doing the rounds on social media currently names the key anti-trans writers who’ve been pushing the moral panic here – a panic that’s been implicated in the deaths of at least 16 people.

    This week in Dishonestly Constructed Sentences…

    As someone put it on social media, you could pretty much end the UK media trans panic by poisoning the cocaine at just one dinner party

    I don’t think this is a joke either.

  4. Yes and no. True, both are body modifications but looking like the other gender is much more extreme.

  5. I’ve never understood the appeal of breast implants. I don’t find them appealing to look at or to…ahem…”work with”.

  6. All cosmetic surgery is butchery in some form or another.

    Yes, there will be cases where it helps the mental state of those undergoing the procedure. Injuries from war and facial damage caused by acid throwing immigrants being a couple of examples. I can also see an argument for tit reduction if they are so large and they damage your back (unless you are a fatty, in which case, lose some weight).

    Then we have dumb tarts like Katie Price who just wanted the worst looking massive tits so she could make money. If doctors actually cared about their patients, they’ll tell them to fuck off.
    Same goes for dentists and Turkey teeth (see also the same tuppenny tart referenced above).

    Once the medical profession accepts they can chop up their victims to help them, I can see how we get to castrating them. Next up, experimenting on twins, vivisection and freezing people just for kicks.

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