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Julian Assange has met Richard Murphy

Dialing in from abroad, Assange has said:

I admit that I have never been Richard Murphy’s greatest fan. I met him once, and decided that I could not deal with him. Something made me uneasy, and on occasion, you have to act on instinct.

20 thoughts on “Julian Assange has met Richard Murphy”

  1. The Great Andrew C drew my attention to the masterpiece that was his entry ‘Am I on the Far Left’ yesterday and I promised a deconstruction – belated but here goes:

    Does wanting children to be fed make you a socialist or some far-left person, or is it just normal human compassion?

    I had no idea the Conservatives or Reform were actively looking to prevent children accessing food and if that is the policy then clearly the MSM, normally so keen to condemn them has been asleep at the Wheel.

    I really don’t know the answer to this question, at least when viewed from the perspective of the average right-wing commentator at present, because I have been described as being far-left and Marxist and communist and all sorts of absurd names on my blog and elsewhere now for simply talking about the fact that we should be relieving child poverty in the UK and raising taxes to do that.

    Whereas describing every person who opposes you as being ‘Far Right’ or ‘Extreme Right’ is a justifiable statement? As Straw Men go this is a classic and it rather ignores the fact that taxes are at a fifty year high

    Only two billion or less is needed to take one million children who are in poverty as a result of the two-child benefit cap out of that poverty so that their parents could provide them with what they need.

    End Net Zero and this could be raised tomorrow.

    But the Labour Party is not promising to do that. And I think that’s wrong.For saying so, I’ve been described as far left.

    I somehow doubt that is the only reason for the designation. Perhaps:

    – Proposing a complete ban on eating meat or dairy
    – Advocating wholesale seizure of private property
    – Banning all private enterprises from advertising to protect children
    – Mandating what level of phone each individual is allowed to possess on the grounds of environmental impact

    (And if I had the time I could go through a month of blog entries and find thousands of such examples)

    May indicate the reason why?

    Now, I’m about as far left as Harold Wilson perhaps was, or members of his cabinet were, and not all of them. I’m probably to the right of Tony Benn, and I’m not going to apologise for that.

    You might be to the right of North Korea although I’d question that. Certainly the notion that you are the reincarnation of Harold Wilson is manifestly ludicrous

    I believe in a bigger private sector than he ever did. In fact, I’m quite a strong believer in the private sector and its role in the economy, and I don’t mind people making money from it.

    No you aren’t – you believe in wholesale renationalisation of almost the entirety of the economy – for example under COVID you proposed rationing and state control of supermarkets. On many occasions you call for scrutiny and taxpayers to investigate even sole traders to fund your boondoogles. What you publish here is an outright lie.

    But what I do is combine that with a social conscience.

    Oxford definition of ‘social conscience’ – If you have a social conscience, you worry about people who are poor, ill, old, etc. and try to help them.

    So the following are showing your ‘social conscience’

    – Support for Net Zero which will lead to millions of old people freezing to death
    – Support for unlimited migration which will depress the wages of poorer indigenous population and has already led to house being compulsorily purchased from the elderly to house them
    – Support for the crippling COVID lockdowns which led to elderly people being denied human contact for months on end.

    I doubt even a Swift could create such a parody of reality

    Are those on the right who describe me as a left-winger saying that I should not have a social conscience? I should not follow the teachings of all the major wisdom traditions on earth, which are summarised, in fact, in Christianity, which many of them will say is one of their guiding philosophies, which says, “Love your neighbour as yourself”.

    See point above. Your record at getting booted out of every pub in Downham Market and your record of falling out with sundry voices across the Left and being excommunicated from the ICAEW and the Labour Party suggest you may not be practising what you preach in this regard. Also loving your neighbour isn’t a philosophy represented by stealing everything his owns to fund your pet schemes

    Nothing wrong in that statement. Let’s be clear about loving yourself. It says that that’s okay, so long as you love your neighbour as yourself.

    Yes – those of us watching your output on Youtube will be aware of the high regard in which you hold yourself.

    I do that. I try to live my life like that.

    F- for effort. Must try harder.

    Does that make me a socialist? Or far left?

    No, but your consistent contempt for individual rights and desire to subordinate individuals to collective goals without democratic consent certainly does.

    Or are these people so far to the right that they’ve lost touch with the reality of basic human caring?

    Trust me – many of us would rather not be confronting this stream of consciousness/ crap but as the adage says – ‘the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good me to do nothing’ – so here we are.

    I do care, I care that people are left alone to enjoy the fruits of their labours without constant interference from overbearing state functionaries. I care that they are not enslaved on the ground s of bogus philosophies. I care that they are not replaced by all corners of the globe at the behest of some Manichean schemers. Whereas you couldn’t give two shits and indeed actively support all the philosophies underlying that enslavement

    And are they doing something else? Are they trying to redefine politics from their perspective, to which we must all then subscribe?

    Says the man whose tolerance is so famous he has blocked 25,000 people on X/ Twitter

    I think I’m on the soft left, the moderate left. I’m not a hardcore, clause four socialist even, as once would have been described by the Labour Party. I don’t believe that all the means of production should be in the ownership of workers. I’m happy to believe that we should have companies which are in private ownership.

    You consistently don’t maintain a consistent line on this. For me you’re well to the Left of North Korea and I think anyone looking at your output would conclude that you are an extremist of either questionable mental capacity or actively deranged

    But that, apparently, is now far left, according to people who are so far right that they hate every aspect of government, every aspect of any form of government regulation, and every aspect of our democracy that provides people other than those with the power afforded by wealth some element of choice in our society.

    Says the man who advocates continued COVID lockdowns, lockdowns for Climate Change, bans on travel, backs JSO and Extinction Rebellion and other terrorist groups and turns a blind eye to atrocities if they are committed against ‘favoured’ groups like the Jews

    That worries me. Because this, frankly, is the language of those who are describing, well, what I consider to be neo-fascism. And I don’t subscribe to that. And I never will. In fact, I’ll spend the rest of my days opposing it.

    Would be hard to think of a more fascistic policy than lockdown, which many consider the greatest single state crime in British history. So I can conclude that you are in a state of advanced mental decay or actively dishonest. Either way your palpable evil threatens my family in a way that you have to be opposed vociferously at every opportunity.

  2. Let’s be clear about loving yourself. It says that that’s okay, so long as you love your neighbour as yourself.
    Good grief! It’s obvious he pleasures himself nightly. And most of the day at the keyboard seems equally likely. But he’s extending his services to the neighbours? A small “executive” housing estate in Ely must be hell on earth.

  3. Actually, gags aside, the sort of people live on that estate are exactly the sort of striving, upwardly mobile, ambitious, self reliant people he’s got it in for. He must hate every single one of them. And bearing in mind the sort of person he is, no doubt the feeling’s mutual. Especially if they’ve ever read him.

  4. “I’m quite a strong believer in the private sector”

    In much the same way that Hitler was in favour of the private sector. So long as it did what it was told to do. An example being the Junkers aircraft company.

    “When the Nazis came into power in 1933, they requested Hugo Junkers and his businesses aid in the German re-armament. When Junkers declined, the Nazis placed him under house arrest in 1934.

    On 3 February 1935, Nazis officials visited him; he died later that same day under suspicious circumstances and it was claimed that the company had been signed over to the German state during the visit.”

  5. “Certainly the notion that you are the reincarnation of Harold Wilson is manifestly ludicrous”
    He’s banging someone in a Gannex raincoat?

  6. How would you feel, worrying about your mortgage repayments, suffering under tax rises &. soaring prices, concerned about your job or your business prospects, watching the future you’ve dreamed of disappearing before your eyes? And you see on your TV, the bloke next door, the instigator of it all? If it was me, I’d be considering dark nights & a pick axe handle remedy.

  7. “Julian Assange Has Met Richard Murphy”

    If true, I’m genuinely struggling to decide which I should pity more. So fuck both of them with a ten foot bargepole.

  8. Person in Pictland

    Assange: so the actions of the UK govt/courts have arranged that we pay for his 5 years in jail instead of the Yanks paying. Yippee!

    Still, it does mean he wasn’t Epsteined.

    The Swedes have paid no penalty for their fraudulent rape charges against him.

    What a bloody disgrace the whole farrago has been.

  9. @Chris Miller

    fuck both of them with a ten foot bargepole

    As in the other thread I’m surprised to find readers of this blog rooting for the murderous bastards in the US State Department and other elements of their deep state.

    Assange basically revealed they were murdering people by the bucketload; I can see why *they* were pissed off with him, but not why normal people are.

  10. Still, it does mean he wasn’t Epsteined

    Yet! Saipan is effectively US territory, I just hope he manages to leave.

  11. “I met him once, and decided that I could not deal with him.”

    I file as ‘dubious’ that he ever did meet him in any meaningful sense and that there was a chance to ‘deal with him’ (whatever that means) is another of Spud’s “Aren’t I important because I interact with important people” fantasies.

  12. Andrew C

    Exactly. It’s like me saying I met Prince Charles once and decided that I would never accept any future invitation to become a Duke.

  13. Dennis, Twatty Something or Other

    Dear Richard –

    Accosting someone outside a Tesco while wearing a bathrobe and bunny slippers is not considered meeting them.

  14. Martin Near The M25

    “But that, apparently, is now far left, according to people who are so far right that they hate every aspect of government, every aspect of any form of government regulation, and every aspect of our democracy that provides people other than those with the power afforded by wealth some element of choice in our society.”

    OK, he’s right there, but only by accident.

    Seriously though, how many people think the left gives a toss about the poor? They want poverty and misery because they feed off it.

  15. I’ve met the Queen (the real one), *and* had a 5-sentence conversation with Prince Philip. So there! Thrrrp!

  16. And I was once in the same room as Princess Anne. For some bizarre reason she was actually sitting in the row behind mine.

  17. Pops was at sea with KC III. Deffo his senior officer at the time but don’t think it was in direct line as it were.

  18. Downham Market Publican

    I had that Richard Murphy in my pub once. I first I thought he was merely a crushing pub bore but he soon moved on to insult, criticise and belittle my regulars.

    I decided my clientele should not have to deal with such treatment from an insensitive oaf and banned him. Sometimes you have to act out of instinct, but it turned out that my fellow local publicans were of the same view.

  19. @Interested

    Assange did little of what you claim – that was Manning, who he promptly dropped in the shit, just like he’s done with almost everyone he’s dealt with, both publicly and personally. An extremely narcissistic individual, but not uniquely so. What really made me take against him was his (completely unnecessarily) revealing the names of Afghans working for the Allies, with the obvious and predictable results. Even The Guardian drew the line at that.

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