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Just something I’ve heard

So far at least, something being said but how true it is:

For weeks, hundreds of highly trained IDF, Shin Bet, police and special forces officers had game-planned the rescue, using models of two buildings deep inside Nuseirat in Gaza, where “precise” intelligence indicated Ms Argamani and the three male hostages were being held in two separate buildings.

Blocks of flats:

The hostages, code-named “diamonds”, had all been kidnapped from the now infamous Nova music festival and were being held by armed guards in locked rooms in low-rise apartment blocks just 200 metres apart from each other.

The “high-risk” rescue was made more complex by the “cruel and cynical” decision to embed them within the dense civilian population in flats occupied by families, Rear-Adml Daniel Hagari, the IDF spokesperson, said in a postoperative media briefing.

So he sotry goes – and as I say, I don’t know this – the girl was being held by a local journalist.

Just another reminder that we can’t trust the information coming out of Gaza. Because the only “journalists” in there are either Hamas themselves or under Hamas control. There just aren’t any foreigners in there.

9 thoughts on “Just something I’ve heard”

  1. The violent backwards savages of Gaza were overwhelmingly supportive of Hamas’s campaign of rape and slaughter.

    Their most ridiculous lies – eg civilian casualty numbers – are supported by the leftist globalist establishment, which is why they get the front pages and the truth gets a sidebar.

  2. Sadly I suspect small numbers of hostages being conveniently identified as being held in just about accessible locations (as opposed to deep tunnels) will be a regular occurrence with the consequent civilian deaths a feature rather than a bug for the ongoing propaganda feed to an insatiable world.

    Cynics, even Jewish ones like me, will also suspect that periodic rescues temporarily placate an Israeli minority fixated on immediate hostage releases at pretty much any cost – to the detriment of their country’s future security and survival on account of a hideous job left unfinished.

  3. Surely it’s impossible to get the inside intelligence without having spies in Gaza.
    Whoever they are, they are very brave.

  4. “Held by a journalist”?

    I wonder how these things are done.

    “Free to good home, one young Jewess. Military activity prevents us from keeping her. Exotic pedigree, would make a good sex and/or house slave. Can deliver “.

  5. If true, there’s a good chance the journalist contributes copy to the BBC and Guardian, maybe even to BBC Verify.

  6. Person in Pictland

    ‘the “cruel and cynical” decision to embed them within the dense civilian population’

    Well they’re hardly likely to hold them down the pub, are they?

  7. With a completely straight face Hamas complained about the resultant civilian casualties. WHAT THE FUCK DO THEY THINK HAPPENED ON 7TH OCTOBER?

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