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Just to worry everyone about this globalisation shit

This piece, here, was written by a high school student.

Sure, it’s not perfect and all that, but it’s good. Bit of editorial care and attention and we could imagine The Guardian publishing it.

Under 18 Bangladeshi writing like that – and yes, directly into English, no translation.

It’s not AI to worry about, is it?

9 thoughts on “Just to worry everyone about this globalisation shit”

  1. Has he been listening to The Jam?

    The distant echo –
    of faraway voices boarding faraway trains
    To take them home to
    the ones that they love and who love them forever

  2. I first felt a fist
    And then a kick
    I could now smell their breath
    They smelt of pubs
    And Socialist Worker subs
    And too many left wing meetings

  3. “The stylistic conventions of postcolonialist American literature have truly and inextricably embedded themselves everywhere”, thought the reader to himself candidly.

  4. Interestingly at my firm there is a growing office in Dhaka – wages about 40% of the Indian equivalent and though not without its challenges the Bangladeshis seem rather less demented than their former country mates to the West. Definitely see your point Tim but I think it might be longer term. And if Guardian journalists are ‘replaced’ surely that’s the wonder of ‘diversity’ in all its glory!!

  5. – “It’s not AI to worry about, is it?”

    It should be for that Bangladeshi high schooler. The ability to churn out pieces in the style of Anglosphere middle class journalism is something AI can be trained for straighforwardly.

  6. I wonder how many British sixth formers (or even university students) could write like that – in their own language?

  7. Kazi is a student at Sir John Wilson School (Main Campus (KGII-A Level):United City, Satarkul, Dhaka-1212).
    Founded 1995. I bet the people behind that school could tell some stories.
    And that a fair few children in Dhaka have Wilson as their first name.

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