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No, not it’s not, asshole

As the Guardian has highlighted this morning, new data shows that 2.1 million children now qualify for free school means. This is one in four children now do so.

The figures have grown dramatically
The figure has almost doubled.

This is a real measure of poverty.

Eligibility for free school meals hsa changed over these years. It has become easier – and at a higher income level – to gain them.


17 thoughts on “No, not it’s not, asshole”

  1. And the social dimensions remain as hard to manage as ever: stigma has always been attached to claiming these meals.

    Steve as ever beat me to the punch but I’d have thought post Rashford it might be considered cool to get them? How does Murphy know – does he expertise now extend to the school canteen? Was it another ‘off the record conversation’ like yesterday’s?

    We know every public service is now failing, but this is evidence of the very clear costs of that.

    If someone has failed totally perhaps it’s not a good idea to give them more money to squander?

    And have we won anything as a result? Low growth, low productivity, low investment and businesses that are only interested in financial engineering rather than the real sort of engineering that might benefit society are the most we have got as a result of this deliberate exploitation of people in his country as a result of the deliberate increase in poverty by the Tory government.

    The good news is a solution is at hand as the government is importing entire battalions of Hamas sympathisers while simultaneously using our weapons up in an exercise in futility in Ukraine – so white people who are poor won’t have to worry about it for long. Their houses will be confiscated as part of slavery reparations and they’ll probably be killed off by RoP adherents Murphy enthusiastically supports. It’s fair punishment for Brexit I think he’ll agree.

  2. Martin Near The M25

    At my school you bought meals with tickets. Nobody knew if someone had got the tickets free or paid for them.

    I’m surprised the great polymath of Ely didn’t know about that.

  3. Don’t *ALL* primary school kids gte free meals? Therefore, *ALL* primary school kids are in poverty.

  4. Coincidentally, a pal just sent me a photo of a government benefit entitlement publication.

    Your child can get a free school meal if you receive any of the following:
    #4 Support under Part Vl of the Immigration & Asylum Act 1999

    So there you are. Why so many more children are getting free school meals.

  5. Thanks BiS. Checking that corrects my memory: *ALL* infant school kids get free school meals, therefore *ALL* infant school kids are in poverty. And it appears to be most political parties’ aspiration to extend this childhood poverty to all school-age children.

  6. It’s a pity Murphy did not have some sort of background in finance or number work so he could properly analyse situations like this.

    Oh wait.

    Or is it that he lacks the intelligent, enquiring, sceptical approach that someone with a background in, say, auditing would engage?

    Perhaps he’s thick; driven by spite; motivated by political dogma?

    Maybe it’s simply that the man’s a cvnt.

  7. It’s a basic rule of politics. A program to give money or food (or anything really) is popular with the ones who will be getting it, and generally less popular with those who won’t be.

    All programs have to compete for budget and people.

    One way to make something more broadly popular and therefore less likely to be cut (or rolled into another program) is to increase the number of people getting the thing. So eligibility criteria get looser over time.

    We see this in NASA programs. Most people don’t actually care about government space programs, at least not if it means cuts to welfare to pay for it. So the work for NASA stuff is spread around to pretty much every electoral district in the States, so they can always say “Shutting this down will hurt jobs in *your* district.”

    For that matter, welfare (and other government cheese) is much easier to get than it used to be for the same reason.

  8. 100% tax rate on Marcus Rashford, please

    Too generous, Steve. Make it 120%.
    He deserves a fine as well

  9. Bloke in Germany

    Aren’t we all supposed to be enjoying our state-approved, state-provided, cold insect protein-enriched meal, as (thanks to, I think, Steve), the Green party apparatchiks race past our WEF-approved poddwellings in their Zil lanes, while the Muzzein calls the Faithful to 1300 Prayer from the local minaret?

  10. If Marcus Rashford really believed what he demanded govt must do wih taxpayer money was essential he had a way to prove it.

    Pay for free school meals for all in his town for twenty years

    Don’t know if anyone at schools I attended had free lunch, all had same pass card. After a while I opted out and bought whatever I wanted in local shops

  11. In Spud’s favor, he can type accurately, he’s normally sober while he blogs, he knows how to interpret the spellchecker and grammarchecker wavy underlines as he writes, and thus his prose is free of sloppy typos.

  12. Spellcheckers and grammarcheckers are a neoliberal conspiracy!
    When I spell a word I spell it how it ought to be spelt. Not a letter less nor a letter more & in the order I know is correct.

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