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Not quite what you think

German woman given harsher sentence than rapist for calling him ‘pig’
‘Maja R’ jailed for ‘defaming’ gang-rapist by messaging him with her views after he avoided prison

Dunno about you but when I first read that I mentally put a “her” in that sentence.

No, teen done for gang rape, gets suspended sentence due to young age. Random woman then gobs off at him online in a text message. Gets weekend in jail for gobby insults.

That her, as in her rapist, isn’t part of the story.

14 thoughts on “Not quite what you think”

  1. I look at the Daily Taylorswiftgraph more out of habit than seeking enlightenment these days. I gave up on the paper edition a long time ago because it became so unreadable. Apart from the obits. Matt cartoons, the cricket and things like Post Office Inquiry, I almost never actually read the articles.

    This one is a good example of why not.

  2. even if it wasn’t her rapist, it doesn’t matter.
    Rape should be punished harshly. It’s a terrible crime.
    Hurty words not so much.

    All this does is send the message that it’s more socially acceptable to do a bit of rapey than it is to say hurty words.

    The backlash is building and it will be brutal.

  3. The rape victim was 14 I think. A gang of cultural enrichment raped her, and filmed it. They found dna from eight of them inside her. None went to jail. A country which doesn’t punish such animals but does jail another woman who points out that they’re animals is teetering on the brink of extinction or lynchings.

  4. I’m tempted to say that if he’s old enough to rape, then he’s old enough to bear a gobby insult or three. That’s even taking into consideration the fact that “pig” is a pretty despicable insult, given the perp’s probable ethnic and religious sensibilities.

    But a neater way of solving this knotty legal problem is to lock the little shit up for so long, and with so few amenities, that what people say on social media cannot bother him at all.

  5. “Dunno about you, but when I first read that I mentally put a “her” in THE FIRST sentence.”

    Fixed it for you.

  6. I did the same – deliberate click bait headline or do the subs need a beating?
    Still, the fact a rapist was given a suspended sentence due to his age is abhorrent. The fact he was an immigrant obvs. had no bearing on anything.

  7. Yes, it does rather read as if it was the rape victim who sent the message.

    It seems that the sentence for the rapists was constrained by law, since we learn “Anne Meier-Goering, the presiding judge, lamented during the trial that “none of the defendants said a word of regret”.” though I don’t know if remorse is a factor in German sentencing.

    However, we also find that “Maja R was sentenced to a weekend in jail after her comments because she had a previous conviction for theft and had not attending the court hearing for the case.”. I don’t know what influence that previous convition has in Germany.

    Of course, this is really a case where freedom of speech is vital. While there may be some case for legal restrictions on harassing someone by sending an excessive number of messages, the way this article is written it suggests that this was a single message, which should not be illegal.

  8. Tim,

    Nothing can be stretched beyond its limit of elasticity.

    That limit will be reached here, unless the powers reverse course. Immediately. The reaction to breaching that limit will involve more than piano wire and lampposts.

    You perhaps have to be here to feel the resentment, the visceral disgust, at this kind of double miscarriage of justice, very close under the surface of what remains of German civil society. None of us want to see German uncivil society ever again. Except perhaps those who are in power and trying to instigate it.

  9. And yes the girl was a teenager, 14 I believe, accosted and held down in a park and repeatedly vaginally raped, and ejaculated in, over the course of around 2 hours, by an indeterminate number, but at least 8, sickos, a minority of whom “held German citizenship”, all but one of whom received discharges or suspended sentences for their regrettably inadequate understanding of how one makes and accepts rejection of sexual advances in Germany, due to not being Germans.

  10. Charles,

    “insult” is a criminal matter in Germany. While a prison sentence is theoretically possible, this lady is probably the first person to be sentenced to prison for this crime in many decades.

    Screw the comment system by the way.

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