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One of the Greats has gone

Yep, Kinky is now straightened out.

Way back when, in that new freedom of Russia and the end of censorship, a friend decided that he would translate the novels into Russia. Didn’t bother with rights and copyright and so on, just went ahead. “Elvis, Jesus and Coca Cola” perhaps? The market reaction was, odd. So much so that Kinky actually came on a publicity tour. Friend was most pleased to meet him too.

The Guardian is, of course, wrong:

Friedman referred to himself as the “Jewish cowboy” after his song “My Governor Is a Jewish Cowboy”, a nod to his unsuccessful attempt at a political career in 2006 when he ran for governor of Texas against Republican incumbent Rick Perry.

Other way around, idiots. The band from the 70s was called the Texas Jewboys. Sheesh.

12 thoughts on “One of the Greats has gone”

  1. “The band from the 70s was called the Texas Jewboys.” Parodying Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys, as the Graun is doubtless also unaware. The books suffered froim diminishing returns, I thought, but were fun all the same. Some of the songs were terrrific.

  2. The oddest thing about that video is that Mr Friedman appears to step into his guitar like its a pair of trousers.

  3. Are you sure this wasn’t written by the Two Ronnies ? It sounds like a Jehosaphat and Jones song.

    Good old Ruth Buzzi, still with us.

  4. Friedman reportedly died after having Parkinson’s disease.

    Fuck. This is why I’m hoping for “massive heart attack” or “eaten by leopards”.

    Rest in Yee Haw, Kinky.

  5. Fuck. This is why I’m hoping for “massive heart attack” or “eaten by leopards”.

    I’m hoping for “shot by outraged husband”

  6. I sneeze in threes


    So the Cloggies tax investments on what they think you should have earned rather than what you did. Murphy would be moist at the very idea.

    “For years Box Three has been under attack because it is based on fictional – rather than actual – returns.

    There have been various iterations of the levy but when it was first introduced, the government assumed that everyone earned a 4pc return on their assets. Taxpayers were then charged 30pc on that yield.

    This was regardless of whether they held cash, stocks or property and regardless of how their investments performed.

    At the time, Minister of Finance Gerrit Zalm presented the arrangement as risk-free. “Any fool can get a return of more than 4pc,” he said.“

  7. Tim

    Has a Richard Murphy like filter been added to the comments? Some threat of legal action? Half the comments seem to go to an ‘awaiting moderation’ status?

  8. He had one of the best lines in a song ever, which included a reference to “fish ice cream and chicken-fried snake”

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