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Smurf thinks the real interest rate should be zero

Has he never heard of the time value of money?

6 thoughts on “Smurf thinks the real interest rate should be zero”

  1. If you don’t get any interest you might as well have it taxed away so the government can spend it usefully.

    The government always spends it usefully, right?

  2. I am speculating he has considerable personal debts, whether from sexual peccadiloes or some failed business ventures and as a result has a vested interest in lower rates.

    Or he could just be a moron

  3. Van_Patten:

    I think it’s more that he sees interest rates rising as making the government less likely to spend money on his favourite projects. Why? Because the budget looks worse if there’s a big increase in the deficit due to increased spending out for higher interest rate bonds.

    So therefore the interest rate should be much lower and preferably zero. Result: no big hole in the budget labelled “Interest”. Result: increased spending.

    It also doesn’t help that given his budgeting skills, he’s probably still got a mortgage or other loans, and refinancing would be less difficult with a lower prime rate.

    He’s 66 right now and likely not in the best shape; so he’s looking at increased health spending in the near future.

  4. M

    It’s also worth recalling he had COVID 11 times and still suffers from Long COVID (although that might have been only on Mondays)

    I have been hoping for some major health issue of course but recent posts seem to indicate his intention to go on spouting nonsense and backing evil until senility or death.

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