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So, err, more Rwanda then?

Labour will pledge to deport thousands more of foreign criminals and failed asylum seekers under plans to be set out this Thursday in its election manifesto.

5 thoughts on “So, err, more Rwanda then?”

  1. Starmer should go on Strictly with his 180deg pivots, considering he soent much of his career trying to prevent such deportations.

  2. I have every confidence that the 1,000 extra home office staff, representative of all ethnicities except White British, will be fully committed to their task of trawling through every single nook, cranny, loophole and generous interpretation of ‘uman rights legislation before concluding that they can all stay.

  3. Martin Near The M25

    Well that’s it then. Problem solved. Just like the last 100 times the Tories announced the same thing.

  4. We already have 5,000 staff working in Immigration Enforcement and they managed to deport 22,000 people last year, so on that basis, adding another 1,000 will get about another 4,400 people per year deported.

    One deportation per member of staff per quarter is not good, is it?

  5. Since that towering intellectual socialist, Gordon the Moron, went to court to have it legally proven that, unlike any other walk of life, a politician’s promise made to get elected is utterly meaningless, I wonder what we think of a promise to make a pledge to get elected? Especially from an idiot who trained to be a professional liar who has the integrity of a demented amoeba?

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