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Something of a warning here

A few comments from an earlier post. Which are not, shall we say, wholly and entirely totally and only fact based. There might be a modicum of opinion involved.

Background, a rape case. After sentencing one random woman gobbed off a few insults at one of those convicted. The rapist wasn’t jailed. The rando woman was.


……The rape victim was 14 I think. A gang of cultural enrichment raped her, and filmed it. They found dna from eight of them inside her. None went to jail. A country which doesn’t punish such animals but does jail another woman who points out that they’re animals is teetering on the brink of extinction or lynchings.

…..And yes the girl was a teenager, 14 I believe, accosted and held down in a park and repeatedly vaginally raped, and ejaculated in, over the course of around 2 hours, by an indeterminate number, but at least 8, sickos, a minority of whom “held German citizenship”, all but one of whom received discharges or suspended sentences for their regrettably inadequate understanding of how one makes and accepts rejection of sexual advances in Germany, due to not being Germans.

…..Nothing can be stretched beyond its limit of elasticity.

That limit will be reached here, unless the powers reverse course. Immediately. The reaction to breaching that limit will involve more than piano wire and lampposts.

You perhaps have to be here to feel the resentment, the visceral disgust, at this kind of double miscarriage of justice, very close under the surface of what remains of German civil society. None of us want to see German uncivil society ever again. Except perhaps those who are in power and trying to instigate it.

The thing is, it doesn’t even matter whether the sentence for the rapist was right, that for the gobby lass. As anyone who’s done any politics knows, – hell, anyone who’s ever been in a crowd – the look of things matters.

Yer wha?

It’s a very, very, powerful cause and motivation in human affairs. Which does seem to be forgotten by some.

22 thoughts on “Something of a warning here”

  1. I don’t quite get your point, Tim. We can say what we like here, becuase we are not in Germany. No names were mentioned either.

    There was a similar case in London in the 90s when a woman tourist was raped by a bunch of feral kids. They escaped gaol and the leader of the gang later murdered the headmaster at his school.

    The law is an ass the wirld over. We all know that.

  2. Hamburg authorities are now investigating around 140 more suspects for insulting or threatening the gang rapists, with 100 of the suspects based outside Hamburg.
    You can see where the Hamburg authority’s priorities lie, can’t you?

  3. “Now this might strike some viewers as harsh, but I believe everyone involved in this story should die.” – Norm Macdonald

  4. The Meissen Bison

    Your earlier post was bizarre and not made any clearer by your eccentric use of language. This post seems to object to the comments you received on the previous post although they seemed pretty forgiving of you all in all.

    Perhaps it’s Saturday evening and you’ve taken refreshment. Your last line is positively Bidenesque.

  5. Objecting? I’m noting and agreeing that the sort of sense of injustice such treatment can lead to is very very, dangerous.

  6. Hard cases and all that …..

    If this had been one of the Trans thugs threatening someone like JK Rowling a prison sentence would be justified because of the threats of violence.

    “ According to the public prosecutor’s office, the young woman contacted one of the perpetrators after his personal information ended up online. She called him a “dishonourable rapist pig” and a “disgusting freak”. According to the indictment, the woman also threatened the man that he could no longer go anywhere “without getting punched in the face”. “Aren’t you ashamed when you look in the mirror?” or “Let’s hope you just get locked away”, she also wrote. She was sent to prison for this – while the vast majority of the city park rapists were allowed to remain at large.”

    Then again if he’d be in jail for the long stretch the case, as reported, deserves she wouldn’t have been so incensed.

    The original rape wasn’t a one off, it was just unusual that it got reported so widely. I agree with BiG, the authorities are treading a very dangerous path.

    Source: Use DeepL on this link:

  7. I find it hard to believe this is true because it is so incredibly awful if it is. Raped by 8 who filmed it? Same age as my daughter and her friends. Rapists not punished with meaningful jail time?

    What the rapists have learned is that nothing much happens if you behave like this. Thr loss of a few weekends to community service where they will probably do zero, be insulting and pushy. and get away with it.

    Upshot – the uncivilised behaviour has been incentivised. And the woman’s friends, family and community have been pushed a little bit more to the ADF.

  8. I feel that the worthless drongos should be flogged. Though perhaps Rhoda is right and they should be hanged. (Amusing how I support these dire punishments that I never expect to be applied to me, isn’t it??)

    However I agree that this supporting of the right to rape of these foreigners and the punishment of the locals who protest is definitely a foolish policy. Plainly the government needs to crack down on immigration. Especially that of Muslims.

    Perhaps we’ll end up with AfD and Antifa stormtroopers fighting it out in the streets?

  9. I notice the Torygraph report stayed clear of the ethnicity of the other gang members. Only identifying one. Presumably other sources are more informative? Although we can all put two & two together by experience. These gangs do tend to share ethnicity.
    And now one gets to the underlying truth. The PTB are conducting a campaign to convince the public that things that are happening aren’t happening. No doubt the lenience of the sentences was to signal that the event was trivial & not to be indicative of anything. They have no trouble in awarding exemplary punishments when it suits them. And, of course, the way the woman is treated. Resistance to the narrative will be punished. Just look what happened to Nick Griffin & is happening to Tommy Robinson. Currently arrested in Canada.

  10. Perhaps we’ll end up with AfD and Antifa stormtroopers fighting it out in the streets?

    Where can I place a bet on AfD?

  11. I’m with Steve and Norm.

    Those who made these laws and handed down the sentences are every bit as deserving of the noose as the rapists.

  12. You don’t need to be there to feel disgust at what happened. I feel it now and I believe the piano wire is inevitable now. Their course is set it is an ever tightening noose around our necks, every years laws are tightened up for us but thepun ishements for law breakers get looser all the time.

    Time for a change me thinks and from the way the voting has been going lately it seems most decent folk are behind us.

  13. Andrew Again and others who may have missed the story.
    I mentioned a few weeks ago that the Nips, who have fought for years to keep the scumbags out of their country, caved and allowed some of these animals into their country. One of them sexually assualted a 14 year old girl.
    The Police got the perp and tortured him. Rather than keeping this quiet, they filmed it and then put onto to social media with a warning along the lines of ‘this is what we will do to you if you assault our women’.

  14. The inflection point was actually the Mannheim incident, where a non-German citizen went all stabby at a political stand of some group that’s a bit more out there on the “stop immigration” spectrum. The incident ended in the death of a police officer, at the hands of Stabby McStabface, and various injuries to others.

    The reporting of these one-off incidents of mental unwellbeing has definitely changed since that day. Even the most left-wing media realise they cannot hide it forever.

    Also the “condemnation of violence against politicians”, which is basically a non-thing in Germany, but wheeled out every time some SPD or green party nonentity gets spat at in the street, suddenly got extended to the radicals, with thoughts and prayers being offered up by the mainstream for the stabbed “extremists”.

    Like I said, something has changed. It’s too early to be sure what, and whether it will be enough, and not too late, to stop the pianos getting unstrung. Or frankly some kind of full blown civil war.

  15. Hard to criticise the box heads when we’ve had 8+ RoPer scumbags repeatedly raping 14 year old girls across great swathes of this country and the police and social services decided to ignore the problem as it might inflame community tensions.

  16. The Meissen Bison

    BiG:«Even the most left-wing media realise they cannot hide it forever»

    Yes but there’s still plenty of obfuscation. Just to pick a couple of bits from the article BiND linked to:
    1) The crimes took place in an un-named “Hamburg district”.

    2) Five of the ten accused had German citizenship and the others were one Syrian, one Montenegran, one Kuwaiti, one Afghan and one Armenian. It would be indelicate to note that immigrants with German citizenship are still immigrants.

  17. BiND by the Saaler Bodden


    IIRC that incident you referred to was an Afghan and Scholz has declared that he doesn’t see why he and other criminals shouldn’t be deported back to Afghanistan or Syria. Of course he’s as limp as a wet fish so will probably back down when the left of his party gets involved.

  18. It’s easy to see there’s been a change.
    Now the youth have changed as well. It’s also populations across Europe.
    See the singing of ‘Auslander Aus’ and how it’s all over the place
    You can tell they’re worried about it because they tried to ban it.

  19. Bloke in Germany


    It’s the usual two facedness. Just as the CDU can use the word “Heimat” on its euro election posters but said by an AfD candidate the word magically mutates into a goose stepping dog whistle.

  20. Bloke in Germany

    Tmb, agree but even the “far right” press only have access to what the police and court will release. Names of criminals are not routinely published, the tradition used to be first name with first letter of surname. This has also fallen by the wayside in case people notice crims called Mohammed a lot.

    Likewise talk of mischlings and quarter-whatevers is frowned upon for historical reasons. In woke contexts you hear constructions like “deutsch mit Migrationshintergrund” but that extends to natural born Germans of non German ethnic parentage. So its complicated. But obviously I agree immigrants with German citizenship represent a distinct demographic 😉

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