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Israeli special forces have freed four hostages held in Nuseirat, central Gaza, as Israeli attacks and airstrikes in the same area killed at least 93 Palestinians, including children, local medics said.

The way The Guardian has that it’s here’s the rescue, over here, then there’s this entirely other thing, over there but just close by, which is the massacre of innocents standing in the street.

Some other – possibly more balanced but who knows – reports have the rescue going on then armed men tuble out of nearby buildings to try to prevent it who then get shot and bombed and so on.

Who to believe, eh?

5 thoughts on “Surprise!”

  1. I know who I am believing – and it’s not the UN, Gaza Health Ministry, or The Guardian.

  2. Those on Twitter pointing up the disparity of ‘civilian’ casualty numbers to rescued hostages seem not to have considered that perhaps this is because they weren’t ‘civilians’.

  3. The BBC says that an Israeli special forces soldier died during the rescue operation. He was probably killed by the schoolchildren or elderly ladies, but I suppose he might have committed suicide due to his shame.

  4. Person in Pictland

    “Who to believe, eh?” None of ’em.

    War leads to lies even in countries where the population inclines in favour of truth-telling. Whereas in this case both cultures seem devoted to lying under most circs.

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