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That’s the problem with upstarts and parvenus

Four members of Britain’s richest family given jail sentences for exploiting servants
Hinduja family members accused of spending more on pet dog than on one of their staff during Swiss trial

Just never do know how to treat the servants.

6 thoughts on “That’s the problem with upstarts and parvenus”

  1. I have Paul Boateng living in my vicinity. He caused me great mirth when he was appointed ambassador to S Africa and he had to leave in disgrace because his (Barbadian) wife was bullying the staff.

    For Indians, it is standard behaviour and to be expected.

  2. I repeat myself: the most odious racist behaviour I’ve seen in public in decades happened when an agreeable Nigerian woman put in an excellent effort at helping us, our luggage, and our wheelchair to a taxi at Heathrow.

    An expensive car drew up behind the taxi: driver brown, passenger yellow. These bullies started harassing the woman for no obvious reason. Happily she and I together were three times their size and I sent them on their way with a bit of snarling and swearing. But I admit I was shocked – the bloody brazenness of it!

  3. Britain’s richest family

    We’ll have to create a new hyphenated class; as well as Black-British and Asian-British we can have Donation-British too…

  4. Dennis, Correct And Therefore Hateful

    While I will happily accept Somalis, Nigerians and other black Africans as clients, I draw the line at Indians. They are Germans without the charm, and right up there with Arabs in the arrogance/obnoxiousness scale.

    Bhutanese are just as bad.

  5. India, stuffed to the rafters with caste, but no class at all! (and no tailors by the look of it either)

    It simply isn’t done to be rude to one’s staff and servants . Gentlemen they ain’t!!

  6. I’ve always found it to be an infallible marker for good character to observe how a person interacts with “the help” – people who are obligated to cater to one’s needs. Oldsters will no doubt recall the response of Lord Peter Wimsey in the matter of the treatment of a lady’s maid, and the approving description by Mr Bunter on her new ladyship’s interactions with ‘humble friends’. Examples to live by. Those who treat waiters and hotel clerks poorly are almost-invariably utter shits who should be steered clear of.



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