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The Blob doesn’t exist of course

The possibility of a hard-right government in France has prompted threats of disobedience from some diplomats, administrators, teachers and doctors ahead of elections on Sunday.

The permanent state thinks its opinions are more important than democracy.

The Blob doesn’t exist. Of course it doesn’t.

8 thoughts on “The Blob doesn’t exist of course”

  1. “ Good. Let them strike.

    Then sack the lot of them.”

    I’ve just been listening to a podcast series on Reagan’s road to the White House. I hadn’t taken in that when Reagan sacked the Air Traffic Controllers for striking he also banned them from working for the federal government for life. Slick Willy overturned it.

  2. Connected: The Torygraph continues with its campaign against Marine.
    Toulon’s the sole municipality in the Var that’s pro Macron
    What noticeable is although they have quotes from both pro & anti RN, all those pictured – apart from the candidates – are “nice’ looking antis the reader will identify with.
    Why? Why’s the Torygraph hosting a campaign in the UK against RN? French ex-pats are hardly going to be using it as a news resource. Brits don’t have a vote. The number of Brits living in Toulon you count on the fingers of one foot.

  3. His story inspired the hit 2020 film Bac Nord (The Stronghold), which detailed the gritty reality of policing a violent banlieue and his arrest by the police’s internal affairs body for bending the law in the pursuit of justice.

    If France doesn’t remigrate its foreigners, like Algeria did after gaining independence from France, the whole country will be a violent banlieue.

  4. I keep seeing this term “hard right”. It seems to refer to the hard time the right is going to have if it tries to change anything.

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