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This does sound a bit silly

Sir Keir Starmer is standing by a pledge to ban new drilling in the North Sea, despite New Zealand abandoning a similar policy amid blackout fears.

Labour’s manifesto, due out on Thursday, will feature a pledge to block all new licensing for oil and gas as one of its key energy policies.

We’re not going to stop using gas and oil, not in this immediate future. Maybe in 30 to 50 years, but not right now whatever Greenpeace says.

Such warnings are echoed by energy experts in the UK, where over 75pc of total energy consumed still comes from oil and gas.

Half comes from UK waters – but it too will drop off a cliff if Labour implements a ban on new drilling, warns the industry.

Stopping drilling in UK waters isn;t going to build the renewables or whatever that’s supposed to replace it. It’ll just mean imports. Which means lower tax revenues – no tax on the drillers, they pay up to 75% – and a fall in recorded GDP, imports are a substraction in that calculation.

Can’t see it’s worth it, whatever the value in elite virtue signalling.

13 thoughts on “This does sound a bit silly”

  1. It’s just more pre-election bullshit silly season nonsense.

    Don’t waste time trying to analyse anything any of the serial liars from all parties promise over the next four weeks. Just prepare for several years of avoidable waste and pain until even these morons admit reality while playing the long game by voting Reform.

    At least, as the conservatives have shown, once in power the lies will largely end and they will simply do whatever their spads, pressure groups, ethnic minorities and various eu institutions tell them irrespective of anything the country naively believed it was voting for.

  2. Jackboot Jacinda was of course trained by Blair, so it is plain that Sir Kneel’s government will follow her pattern very closely.

    She was not authoritatian enough, though. Labour will not make that mistake. But soon they will run out of things to ban.

  3. Can someone explain how not drilling your own oil and gas and buying it from foreigners instead is saving the planet?

  4. Can someone explain how not drilling your own oil and gas and buying it from foreigners instead is saving the planet?

    It isn’t. If anything it’s worse because as well as the additional costs of buying from foreigners when you’ve got your own oil and gas in the ground, you’ve got the additional transport costs which also increases CO2.

    It’s virtue signalling, pure and simple.

  5. I can’t say that it signals “virtue” to me… More like “this idea is proposed by an utter moron”.

  6. Can’t see it’s worth it, whatever the value in elite virtue signalling.

    You could say the same thing about filling the country with Third World parasites, or closing the Catholic adoption agencies to please vindictive homosexuals.

  7. And so the continuence of the result of destroying engineering competence in public life. Horrifying that people re *PROUD* of “I don’t understand X, but…”

  8. If there’s one thing that should be absolutely clear to everyone by now, it’s that the elite do consider that “elite virtue signalling” is worth literally any price, as long as somebody else is paying it.

  9. AndrewZ – Yarp, I can’t see any way forward that doesn’t involve “elites” going on a one way helicopter trip either.

    It’s them or us.

  10. Yep. Victoria has banned drilling for gas in the Bass Strait. So they’re banning gas connections to new homes this year. I understand the homes are supposed to use electricity instead.

    But they haven’t shut down the coal burners yet. Thank God!!!

  11. Person in Pictland

    I rate election proposals on a guffaw scale. The best so far is Labour’s promise to cover the green belts with sites for running server farms and the like.

    How is this going to work when other policies are designed to ensure that not enough electricity will be generated and transmitted for existing domestic and commercial use?

  12. All Green policies are designed to kill most of us and force the survivors to live in caves. This policy would seem to be admirably effective, no?

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