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This might not be a move in the right direction

South Africa is facing the uncertain possibility of a coalition government after the former president Jacob Zuma’s new party upended the country’s elections, contributing to the African National Congress party’s vote share collapsing well below half, with 97% of voting stations counted.

By Saturday, the ANC, which has governed South Africa with a large majority since Nelson Mandela led it to power 30 years ago after the end of apartheid, had 40.14% of the vote.

If the final results are similar, that would represent a decline of more than 15 percentage points from the 2019 elections, and suggest voters have punished the former liberation movement for chronic unemployment, rolling power cuts and crumbling infrastructure.

The business-friendly Democratic Alliance (DA) was on 21.7% of the vote, while Zuma’s uMkhonto we Sizwe (MK) party, which was launched only in December and supports nationalising banks and expropriating land without compensation, was on 14.8%.

“Business friendly” is one way of putting it. Hoping to maintain a civilisation another……

14 thoughts on “This might not be a move in the right direction”

  1. Any of the weasel parties currently competing in the UK for the right to have the civil service and quangos telling them what to do would be extremely pleased to get 40.14% of the vote.

  2. Well, it looks like the South African vote was at least honest, or the ANC’d have 100% of the vote.

  3. What have we learned from the planned destruction of South Africa, btw?

    We must never allow our children’s future to be stolen by hostile foreign tribes.

  4. Hoping to maintain a civilisation another……

    Sorry, civilisational hope just got outvoted by marxism and jumping-up-and-down-with-spears.

  5. So, the ANC has 40% and the MK, which is further to the Marxist Left, got 15%? Things suck here, let’s Socialism harder!

  6. History clearly shows repeatedly that liberating a country/winning a war is a different set of skills to running a country.

  7. But they didn’t “liberate a country” or win a war, did they?

    White South Africa just gave up and handed over the society they built – from nothing – to machete-fondling bush criminals.

    It’s like a Mad Max movie where the survivors surrender to Lord Humungus halfway into the film. Well, what did they think would happen?

  8. Person in Pictland

    Why did they surrender, Steve? I have two speculations:

    (i) They couldn’t stand the idea of dividing the country in two because then they’d have had to do without cheap servants.

    (ii) It was all caused by US pressure.

    Anyway it certainly made their endless bragging about what tough cookies they were look pretty silly.

  9. PiP – they lost their nerve.

    The latter half of the 20th c. was just an unending parade of bad ideas (equality, diversity, and all that shite) that have since been tested to destruction.

  10. A failed state which is still taken seriously by the international community as long as it points accusatory, albeit blood-stained, fingers at the sole functioning democracy in the Middle East.

  11. Things will only get worse in SA as long as it’s run by Bantus. 10 years to total collapse…

  12. Pip: That’s the thing. Again and again developed wealthy countries build themselves up, then get addicted to importing huge quantities of violent goat-fuckers because they are addicted to cheap labour. America. South Africa. Israel. Europe. How much better would the world be if “Western Civilisation” kicked that addiction?

  13. Electorally closer to home, I read this article by Daniel Hannan:
    and thought the way it was written seemed very inappropriate for the times. Predictably, most of it is telling us how much he detests Trump. One would think, just at the moment, it would be a good idea of staying clear of doing that. The people that the Tory Party is losing in droves are the people would rather like to have someone like Trump to vote for. With or without his failings. It’s because the Tories don’t seem to stand for anything, let alone anything they want, is why they’ve been abandoned. They don’t look particularly good in comparison. He should note. It’s Trump who’s leading the US polls. Tories are trailing so far in UK polling they’re virtually out of sight.

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