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Tutto Nello Stato

All of life is politics because politics is about power relationships. And if social care isn’t about power relationships, what the heck is it about?

Let’s make life more political, not less.

It’s a truly vile view of life.

Politics is depressingly necessary because so is government depressingly necessary. A happy life and society occurs when both are at their irreducible minimum.

15 thoughts on “Tutto Nello Stato”

  1. Attended my constituency hustings last night. Dear God, what a depressing experience. Someone seemed to have picked the six most incompetent and useless people in the city, and paraded them for our delectation.

  2. Tim

    I certainly agree with you that government should be reduced to the absolute minimum.

    But of course I was a government bureaucrat.

  3. Also in politics, “Whose Country Is It Anyway?”

    LONDON: For the first time UK Hindus have released a manifesto of their demands from a future govt ahead of the July 4 general election.

    The manifesto recommends Hindu chaplains are appointed in all prisons, hospitals and schools and for articles of Hindu faith, including Hindu deities, to be made available in prayer rooms in these places.

    It calls for a more streamlined visa process for Hindu priests and the dependants of UK Hindus — often elderly parents — to come to Britain, pointing out the process is cumbersome and expensive and seeks longer time limits on such visas.

    MPs are asked to consult Hindu organisations before legislating on issues concerning UK Hindus. The manifesto advocates for a memorial for Hindu soldiers who served the UK and demands that more crematoriums are built and for the coroner’s process to be sped up to allow Hindu cremations to take place within three days of death.

    As of Tuesday four Conservative candidates, Bob Blackman, Robert Buckland, Rahesh Singh and Theresa Villiers, had endorsed the Hindu manifesto.

  4. Am I missing something – what aspect of ‘Social Care’ is about ‘power relationships’? Are we bringing Drag Queen Story time to an old people’s home near you? Maybe a BDSM session or two?

    Basically it’s as one with his mindset – the state has to control everything and everyone. It is a profoundly depressing view – it is unfortunately the prevailing mindset in almost every political party on offer at this miserable GE.

  5. It’s a truly vile view of life

    From a man who lest we forget is the closest thing to pure evil extant in the blogosphere today. Someone who wants to steal food from your mouth and that of your children. A man bereft of any redeeming qualities whatsoever. Did you think he was going to ‘retire gracefully’? As Bruce Dickinson said:

    ‘The evil that men do lives on and on’

  6. He’s not actually wrong. It’s not what you can do, it’s what you can get done. So all things do end up being political

  7. A happy life and society occurs when both are at their irreducible minimum.
    That is indeed a political position no doubt the majority here favour. It would be a policy worth adopting. But it’s still a political policy.

  8. “A happy life and society occurs when both are at their irreducible minimum.”

    As demonstrated by the earlier post about cattle. We don’t need ignorant self appointed experts telling the people who actually know how to do their jobs what to do.

  9. NOT all of life is about power relationships. I competed in a 10km (part-off-road) race on wednesday: I cannot imagine how any sane person could honestly say that any power relationships were involved. [I did see a non-power relationship when the guy in front of me stopped to check that a lady from his club who had stopped was OK].
    A lot of social care is about reducing (occasionally eliminating) power relationships by empowering individuals in need of care or support by providing support so that they are less (or, even better, not) dependant upon relatives or neighbours for basic necessities.
    In my (admittedly far-distant) youth Social Services was one of the least (second only to Allotments) political of the committees of my borough council – both parties and the sole Liberal councillor agreed that *its purpose was to help those who needed help* THAT is what it was (and still should be) about.
    I sometimes think that Murphy’s ignorance has no limits

  10. NOT all of life is about power relationships. I competed in a 10km (part-off-road) race on wednesday: I cannot imagine how any sane person could honestly say that any power relationships were involved.
    FFS John! Based on my experience of competitive sports, there’ll always be some obsessive who’ll be determined to win at anyone’s cost. You can’t even play a supposedly entertaining game of pool down the pub without coming across them. Same with the other things you’re talking about. There’ll be some who see it as an opportunity to become the big cheese of the committee for the supposed (in their eyes) it imparts.
    That’s reality. Not life as you’d like it to be. There’s people will cheat at patience.

  11. @ bis
    That would only be a power relationship if he/she/they was trying to impose his/her/their will upon the referee/umpire/… or other competitors in order to win.
    You may claim that it is possible for some bully to force his way past another competitor in order to win just as some professional footballers will barge aside a smaller more skilful player but that just doesn’t happen in our “Midweek League” – that sort of guy isn’t interested in semi-social semi-competitive races and wouldn’t be welcome if he/she was.
    Based on *my* extensive experience of competitive and social “competitive” sports, I can inform you that “always” is an incorrect description and that the correct word is “sometimes” ( in fact, very rarely at the level at which I now compete or “compete”).

  12. Social Care is about caring for others, less fortunate. No politics are involved, except in the diseased ‘mind’ of the tuber of Ely. When I help at charity shops and food-banks, there are no political considerations.
    ‘Professor’ Spud is as evil and misguided as any untermensch who could have been found in Nazi times.

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