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We can explain this

Yesterday, this post of mine was removed from TikTok for a while……Apparently, it violated rules by encouraging hate speech……..This morning, I had a warning from Facebook that this post in which I discuss the Tory manifesto costings might also encourage hate speech……Far-right thought and deep misogyny thrive on these sites. But I am getting warnings for providing reasoned political comment.

What is going on?

A system of censorship has been built around and over online content. As Spud would applaud if it were dedicated only to no-platforming climate deniers etc. But that’s not the way censorship works, is it?

21 thoughts on “We can explain this”

  1. I get quite innocent comments censored by Instagram all the time. I will probably delete my account soon as a result.

    As you say, people like him don’t like it when the machines take over and they get censored. It won’t be long before everyone is blocked and these sites have to generate their own content with no one watching.

  2. it’s one of those irregular adjectives: “I provide reasoned comments”, “you provide hate speech”

  3. As you have been warning for some time, they intend these tools to be used for their perceived Greater Good, with no consideration that someone else will get to use them at some point in the future.

  4. Meh… the “AI” algorythms at work….. They’re so haphazard they’ve become a meme in and of itself.

    I’ve been put in the Bad Boi corner for two weeks recently for “promoting violence” and “advertising weapons”……… for sharing an album of the latest competition of our local HEMA fencing club….

    Ladyfriend of mine got a week for “promoting sexual services” …. for sharing pics and descriptions of her…. breeding praying mantises..

    The list goes on and on…

  5. It would take a heart of stone not to laugh of course but It shows he exists in a complete bubble, utterly oblivious to the outside world.

    He should wait awhile or spend some time on YouTube. I would think as an aging White Cis hetero male he will automatically be blocked by AI algorithms in the next five years across the board. A process he fully supported when it only affected other people.

    His lack of awareness of second order consequences continues to astound. How has he made it to pensionable age?

  6. @Van_Patten “He should wait awhile or spend some time on YouTube”

    Sadly he’s spending far too much time at the moment on YouTube – spouting nonsense. He descends in many of these to a moralising tone as if he thinks he’s some wise guru, sad and disappointed that those in charge can’t see how right he is about everything.

    I think he thinks it’s going to be his next new big income stream. He’s running out of grants and gullible charities and mentioned ‘monetising’ his channel (a day or so after a diatribe about how bad advertising was).

    At least on YouTube he can’t block comments (although I think he can get them removed – I’ve had a couple of mine disappear. I expect it was for hate speech).

  7. He is an unspeakable, irredeemable cvnt.

    A man who, from his hermetically sealed blog:

    first regularly defames and insults those who hold mainstream political opinions as fascists etc

    second exercises a quite draconian banning policy when faced with entirely objectively reasonable comments and criticisms

    I’ll not proceed to set out my thoughts on the cvntishness of Murphy to his levels of twenty fifthly, thirty seventhly etc

  8. Off topic but I asked Chatgpt “What would Richard Murphy look like if he were a potato” and it just showed me a picture of Richard Murphy.

  9. ‘Ladyfriend of mine got a week for “promoting sexual services” …. for sharing pics and descriptions of her…. breeding praying mantises.’

    Thank you Grikath!!!

  10. Weirdly enough I make a small amount of hobby money from my preying mantis stud, and am happy to hire out for [censored] [censored] [banned].

  11. How many impressionable young minds has this cretin corrupted? No sympathy for him – he’s done damage to the next generation.

  12. Andrew C

    I don’t want to speculate too much but you have to wonder what kind of outgoings he has, as well as how weak his pension provision is that this grift is almost unending.

    – He doesn’t eat meat

    – He’s banned from the pub

    – He will only fly at the taxpayer’s or
    Someone else’s expense

    What the f)£k is he spending the money on?

  13. Tik Tok? Isn’t that video-based? I’m not surprised Murphy being on it violated public decency rules.

  14. @RichardT Judging from what voluptuous ladies of varying ages get away with on that platform, *and* Faecesbook followed suit, you have to wonder what the hell he did to begin with.

    About the only thing the censors between the two have in common is Flashing Yer Nipples, or a Swastika.
    The Swastika wouldn’t surprise me re Spud, but flashing his Nipples would be a breach of the Geneva Convention, and then some….

  15. What? Murphy censored? And outraged by it?

    Who was it once said “You come late, yet you do come”?

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