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Weird detailed silliness

The former Labour prime minister Gordon Brown receives the highest award of companion of honour for his public service.

One of the little conventions is that a subsequent PM doesn’t decide upon which gong he wants until the previous one has done so. Not written down anywhere, just is.

So, with Brown not having picked up anything that meant Cameron could have the Earldom he so clearly gasps for. No, the Barony to get him to be Foreign Sec isn’t the same thing. This then also applies to Boris, May and Truss.

Now that Brown is accepting the CH this might then clear the way. So, I’d say Boris is odds on to want an Earldom. Anyone else?

26 thoughts on “Weird detailed silliness”

  1. The best reward for the ‘service’ that lot inflicted on us would involve piano wire and lampposts.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    Cameron could have the Earldom he so clearly gasps for…
    …Boris is odds on to want an Earldom.

    Capt Potato is more likely to become Lord Murphy of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch than for a new hereditary title to be created.

  3. Think it’s easier now than it was actually. As inheriting a hereditary doesn’t mean (automatic) Lords membership. In fact, being given one wouldn’t – you have to be given a Life Barony as well.

  4. I owe more to Gordon Brown than any other politician. As Chancellor he introduced the ‘A’ day pension reforms that allowed people to put 100% of your salary into you pension tax free. This was a heroically stupid idea. People of a certain age with savings or like me, with the ability to increase my mortgage, could live of savings or loans and avoid paying any income tax for the rest of their working life. As long as you had enough reserves to get to age 55 when you could get 25% of your pension (payments + accrued interest) back tax free it made huge sense to do so. Many people did.
    The estimates were that it cost the Treasury £4billion a year. Thank you Gordon.

  5. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    I bet May will delay hers in the hope that Labour abolish them, just to spite Boris and Truss

  6. I’m seeing a door with a sign ‘If you want a peerage enter here’. It would be like the door in Vetinari’s office.

  7. Person in Pictland

    I assumed a CH was in the gift of the monarch. If so it’s just further evidence that we are reigned over by Charles the Daft.

    On t’other hand, if it was awarded on the advice of Rishi then it removes any doubt that he deserves the Order of the Boot.

  8. “As inheriting a hereditary doesn’t mean (automatic) Lords membership.”

    Indeed. One of my clients is a hereditary peer. His father sat in the HofL but when they did the cull of the automatic hand-me-down HofL memberships, his was one of those affected.

    Apparently my client’s father was a ‘bit of a lad’ – hunting, shooting, riding horses, riding gals and so on – and one of the characters (Rupert Campbell-Black) in Jilly Cooper’s books was partly based on him.

  9. @AndyF – I’m currently trying to offload all my salary, except the £12570 personal allowance, into a pension. I’ve just had an email from my employer, very nice lady but she’s got to comply with the regs, to say that can’t be done as the National Minimum Wage must be paid, so long as you go down to £11.44 an hour then that’s ok, I will adjust your AVCs accordingly.
    Top woman, wouldn’t get such helpful and understanding support in public sector, but what a daft system that incentivises me to legally game it.

  10. Bongo,

    I think that’s giving you roughly the same benefits as company owners/directors. When I worked through my own limited company I paid myself just enough to make qualifying NI contributions the rest was paid as pension contributions by the company. This had the added advantage of reducing company taxes.

    All done on the advice of my accountant and IFA.

  11. I nearly spat my cornflakes out when I read the news about the gurning Scot. How in Gods name does a fuckwit like Gordon Brown get a companion of honour award “For his public service”??? By selling off gold reserves at the bottom of the market, and decimating our pensions, he should be suffering a slow and painful demise, NOT being rewarded.

    If any proof the honours system is not fit for purpose was needed, this is it…

  12. The Honours system has been downgraded over many decades to the point where accepting one is tantamount to admitting corruption. I hope all the evil and self-serving cretinous and hopeless politicians will accept their awards, thus showing decent folk how vile and disgusting they are.

  13. No more unlimited contributions ( I recall the max was actually £250k/yr). Nope, the Tories reduced the annual allowance, down to £60k and then for high earners down to as little as £4k. All “without increasing the tax rates”.. Ha ha.
    It’s the effective tax rate that counts, and the are finding ever more complex ways to raise that. The next one will be making the tax reclaim on pension contributions something like 30% for everyone. At which point there is no reason for me to pay into the pension at all. I’m near retirement, will pay 40% tax on pensions. The tax relief matters!

    Anyway we are planning on leaving to go somewhere sunnier where my wife has citizenship, with a MUCH lower tax rate. Will save us £40k a year. We are done here and only work her as that’s where finance jobs are, and many of our friends and co-workers feel the same. We hate being a piggy bank for the rest of society.

  14. The Honours system has been downgraded over many decades to the point where accepting one is tantamount to admitting corruption.


    Brother, we are all Wat Tyler now. Whether we want to be, or no.

    In other o tempora, o mores news:

    The Scouting Association has issued a statement following reports Bear Grylls is to stand down as chief scout after photos emerged of him baptising Russell Brand.

  15. Off topic but worth repeating.

    “I’m a big fan of communism.

    Communism is the leading cause of death for communists.”

  16. ” Bear Grylls is to stand down as chief scout after photos emerged of him baptising Russell Brand.”

    If you’re a Christian, wouldn’t baptizing Brand be a good thing?

  17. “companion: each of a pair of things,” says my computer’s dictionary. Gordon Brown and honour are certainly a pair of things.

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