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A heatwave is defined by three or more days of very hot temperatures, ranging from 28C in London to 25C in other parts of the country.

As we call that around here, April. OK. OK, if you insist – May.

12 thoughts on “Well now….”

  1. A heatwave is defined as any day following a BBC picture of a woman drinking water from a plastic bottle while mopping her brow, framed by glaring colours.

  2. Bloke In Scotland

    I refuse to believe claims of temperatures of 25 or 28 exist. A heat wave is three or more dry days with the sun shining for at least ten minutes on each day.

  3. Percentage of UK weather stations in each WMO class 1 – 5 (1 = pristine, 2 = nearly so, 3 = margin of error 1 degree, 4 = margin of error 2 degrees, 5 = margin of error 5 degrees):
    Class 1 = 6%
    Class 2 = 7.4%
    Class 3 = 8.4%
    Class 4 = 48.7%
    Class 5 = 29.2%.

    Most of what they are telling you is junk.

  4. A skin expert has said people sunbathing topless makes him “want to call the police”
    And skin experts make one want to call for the men in white coats carrying restraints.

  5. @Adolff…

    … and the “record temperatures” much quoted by the “the world is burning” brigade always get the numbers from the class 4 and 5 stations.

  6. Baron J @ 10.14, or from RAF Waddington just as our only three airworthy Typhoons are preparing to take off…..

    For those who don’t know, Paul Homewoods’ site ‘notalotofpeopleknowthat’ is an excellent resource for debunking this sort of nonsense.

  7. Not a lot of people know that the daily range of temperature on earth, from hottest to coldest places can be anywhere between 90C and 120C depending on the season.

  8. Was recently up near the artic circle, across the year the temperature range was over 80 degrees, if you take the high and low records it was in the 90’s range
    People have been surviving up there for a very long time which would seem to suggest that as a species we aren’t too bothered by large temperature ranges

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