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Yes, they do have a Navy

Former heads of Bolivia’s army and navy arrested over failed coup

The current boats are on Lake Titicaca but they do have a Navy, Admiral and all. No coastline but a Navy.

Part of the argument is that Peru (I think? Maybe Chile?) nicked that coastline a century and more back. And maybe they’ll get it back one day so best be prepared.

BTW, yes, there is a Hungarian Navy. I think so at least – Lake Balaton needs defending after all (poss more important, the Danube).

20 thoughts on “Yes, they do have a Navy”

  1. Chile. (Friend of mine is from there.) Claims for return of the coast by Chile were scuppered by the ICJ in 2018. Peru has granted them access though.

  2. Bloke in Aberdeen

    Chile indeed. It’s still a vocal source of annoyance for many Bolivians.

    I think that their navy also scoots about on the vast river network through the Amazon bit of the country, which is a convenient way to move drugs around. I don’t know if the navy is chasing or delivering.

  3. Person in Pictland

    Rumour has it that we have a navy though it takes no action against invaders.

    Shortage of reliable aircraft carriers is to blame, presumably.

  4. I have a hat from the Soviet Hungarian navy days.

    When Hrothy was ruler of Hungary he was admiral for a country with no navy and regent for a country without a king.

  5. Fun fact about Horthy.

    When he was appointed C-in-C Adriatic he was 49 and the Austro Hungarian Navy had to sack a whole swathe of Captains so that they only had officers younger than him commanding ships.

    It was after the failed coup attempt by Karl Habsurg that Horthy became regent.

  6. PiP:

    “Shortage of reliable aircraft carriers is to blame, presumably.”

    Nothing unreliable about one of them. I see it every morning when walking the dog. Covered in little gazebo thingies to protect the blokes fixing it. They certainly can rely on it for continued income.

  7. The Bolivian-Peruvian border on that peninsula in Lake Titicaca does look most inconvenient. Where both sides gave up fighting, I guess?

  8. The Swiss have a navy too. At dawn, to check the sailors have returned, they have a Swiss Roll call. Sailors do Swiss Watches …

  9. I must be the only person here who knows a Bolivian. She’s from La Paz. Although she tells every one she’s Chilean. Which might give you some idea of the country.
    And AtC is correct, Bolivia does have a coast. About a kilometre of it. There’s said to be a sign. The women all seem to wear bowler hats but no sign of rolled umbrellas & copies of the Pink’un

  10. @witchie

    Confusingly, ‘Swiss Navy’ is also a brand name for a range of lubricants aimed at bedroom activities.

  11. Andrew C said:
    “Confusingly, ‘Swiss Navy’ is also a brand name for a range of lubricants aimed at bedroom activities.”

    Is this a ‘special forces’ kind of thing? Lets you slip in and out without anyone noticing?

  12. When I was in Bolivia about 10 years ago I witnessed a procession through the streets of a small town commemorating their defeat in the war against Chile, with people waving signs saying “Mar para Bolivia” (or similar). They’ve definitely not forgotten!

  13. Bloke in Aberdeen

    I might be misunderstanding you here, but Bolivia definitely doesn’t have a coast on the Pacific. They don’t have diplomatic relations because of this.

    Peru has offered Bolivia the free use of a section its coast, but I think Bolivia turned it down.

  14. @BoA
    I have seen a photo of what purports to be the entrance the Bolivian coast.
    And Wiki: The Special Economical Zone for Bolivia in Ilo (ZEEBI) is a special economic area of 5 kilometers (3.1 miles) of maritime coast, and a total extension of 358 hectares (880 acres), called Mar Bolivia (“Sea Bolivia”), where Bolivia may maintain a free port near Ilo, Peru under its administration and operation[128][unreliable source?] for a period of 99 years starting in 1992; once that time has passed, all the construction and territory revert to the Peruvian government seems to indicate its presence.

  15. If Bolivia has a coastline, Google Maps ain’t revealing where it is.

    The Swiss military, though one would hope not the navy (unless, to paraphrase Michael Green, they ended up sailing up a hill) we must remember, is one which has on more than one occasion had to issue an abject apology to its neighbour Liechtenstein for accidentally invading it during exercises. Without, it has to be said, meeting resistance, or even acknowledgement, from the Liechtenstein forces.

  16. Bloke in Aberdeen


    Bolivia hasn’t taken up the offer.

    The Bolivian view, from wiki: “the Bolivian State is not allowed to build a port and the beach is only limited to tourist trade.”

    Have a look on Google maps, there’s nothing there but a sad little road leading to the sea.

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